Richard Adeyemi, DVM, PhD

Faculty Member

Richard Adeyemi, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor
Basic Sciences Division, Fred Hutch

Translational Data Science Integrated Research Center (TDS IRC), Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: A1-162

Dr. Richard Adeyemi studies how our cells maintain the integrity of their DNA. Unstable DNA, leading to rearrangements, extra copies and even loss of genetic information, is a hallmark of cancer. In particular, Adeyemi focuses on how cells protect their genetic information by coordinating and deploying their DNA repair machinery, both during normal replication and in response to events that could damage DNA, including viral infection and chemotherapy. A deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes will support his work toward novel therapies  for cancer, infections, aging and genetic diseases.


Harvard Medical School, 2020, Postdoctoral Fellowship (Genetics)

University of Missouri, 2012, PhD (Microbiology)

University of Ibadan, 2005, DVM

Research Interests

DNA repair and the replication stress response

CRISPR and ORFeome library screens

DNA virus-host interactions

RNA polymerase, lncRNAs and RNA-DNA hybrid roles in DNA repair

BRCA and other tumor suppressor gene roles in cancer

Ubiquitin ligases and the regulation of protein stability

"I’m working to find the Achilles heel of certain cancers that have genomic instabilities to discover how we can exploit their weaknesses to eliminate the cancer cells."

— Dr. Richard Adeyemi

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