BCI 2.5 Educational Resources

Educational Resources

We’ve created a growing library featuring videos, course materials, and publications addressing issues that span the breast cancer continuum from planning to palliative care. These resources can be useful for care providers, patients, caregivers and program partners.

Surgical Management of Breast Cancer: Lessons Learned from Kenya to Brazil

Dr. Peter Bird from the Kijabe Hospital in Kenya and Dr. Maira Caleffi from the Hospital Moinhos de Vento in Porto Alegre, Brazil present on improving access to and addressing the challenges of surgical management of breast cancer in LMICs.

Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards: Lessons Learned from Uganda to Lebanon

Dr. Nagi El Saghir, with the American University of Beirut Medical Center, presents findings to colleagues.

Breast Cancer Tumor Board: An Inside Look

Dr. Julie Gralow conducts a Breast Cancer Tumor Board with their patients.


Cancer Trends, Investment in Treatment of Disease, and Mammographic Screening

Dr. Benjamin Anderson presents insights and data surrounding cancer information.

Guidelines and Management of Advanced Breast Cancer in Limited Resource Settings

Prof El Saghir talks to ecancertv at SABCS 2015 about the development of resource-based guidelines for the management of advanced breast cancer in low- and middle-income countries.

Steps Towards Improving Breast Cancer Treatments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Dr. Anderson talks to ecancertv at the World Cancer Leaders Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, about his work creating new guidelines to improve breast cancer treatments in low- and middle-income countries.


2016 BCI2.5 Course Materials

"Strengthening Centers of Excellence in Cancer Care to Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes" in Accra, Ghana, March 2016 

See the Course Faculty and Speakers program

Supported with an unrestricted educational grant from F. Hoffmann-La Roche.

Day 1 — Essential Components for Breast Cancer


The global cancer agenda: goals, declarations and aspirations
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Essential health system components for cancer management: breast as a cancer model
(Registries, networks, longitudinal care/referral, metrics, KS tool)
Benjamin O. Anderson, M.D.

Strengthening centers of excellence: a resource stratified approach to improving breast cancer outcomes
Benjamin O. Anderson, M.D.

VIDEO: Breast Cancer Tumor Board - An Inside Look
Multidisciplinary care approach to breast cancer care

Breast cancer diagnosis and staging: a framework for progress
Benjamin O. Anderson, M.D.

Biological basis of breast cancer treatment
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Essentials of breast cancer pathology for the non-pathologist
Gilles Erb, Ph.D., Roche Diagnostics Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Day 2 — Breast Cancer Treatment


Metastatic Breast Cancer
Systemic therapy for metastatic breast cancer: goals and drug categories
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Radiotherapy: The role of radiotherapy in metastatic breast cancer
Shilpen Patel, M.D.

Surgery: What is the role for surgery in the metastatic setting?
Benjamin O. Anderson, M.D.

Supportive and palliative care
Julie Gralow, M.D.


Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
Systemic therapy for locally advanced breast cancer: neoadjuvant therapy
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Surgical management of locally advanced breast cancer in a resource-limited setting
Peter Bird, M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.S., A.I.C. Kijabe Hospital, Kenya; Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Radiotherapy: Use and benefits of radiotherapy in locally advanced cancer
Shilpen Patel, M.D.

Supportive care during treatment
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Cancer Diagnosis and Early Stage Treatment
Surgical Management of the Axilla in Early Stage Breast Cancer
Benjamin O. Anderson, M.D.

Radiotherapy: breast conserving radiotherapy
Shilpen Patel, M.D.

Systemic therapy: adjuvant systemic therapy
Julie Gralow, M.D.

Survivorship and follow up care
Julie Gralow, M.D.