Fred Hutch’s resolutions and hopes for 2014

From going to the gym to curing cancer, goals for the new year from staff, faculty and patients
Gregg Gordon and his family
Gregg Gordon, shown with his family, had a successful expanded stem cell cord blood transplant after being diagnosed with leukemia. Courtesy of the Gordon family

As the new year begins, we’ve asked some of the staff, faculty, and patients of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to share their resolutions and hopes for 2014. Some vow that in 2014, they’ll see the inside of gym. One researcher wants to find ways to bring more creativity into her life. The mother of a young patient vows to be more present. 

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Each year I choose a quote to consider for the next year. This year it is from Maya Angelou: "Determine to live life with flair and laughter." It is a quote to remind me to enjoy people and wonderful moments this year.
-- Christie Brown, principal and middle school teacher, Hutch School

Each year, I try to set hopes, rather than expectations so that I’m not disappointed if it doesn’t happen. My biggest hope is that in 2014, the people I cherish are safe, healthy and happy.
-- Nancy Zbaren, director of the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service at Fred Hutch

My hope for 2014 is that we can minimize the amount of research funding that’s used to pay fees, taxes, and import duties for our international operations so that money can be used for science.
-- Banks Warden, chief operating officer of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network at Fred Hutch

My wish is that all people, whether they’ve been personally affected by cancer or not, will understand the urgency and need for cancer research and will feel a desire and commitment to help.
-- Michael Rubin, philanthropic gift advisor for Fred Hutch, where he received a bone marrow transplant 26 years ago 

I’m resolving to stop eating like a 7-year-old – at least at work – and empty out the drawer in my desk that currently has chocolate-covered coffee beans, salted cashews, Buffalo Jerky, and a pile of mint dark chocolate almond bark!
-- Jim Maynard, associate director for Communications and Community Engagement, HVTN at Fred Hutch

My new year’s resolution is to bring more creativity into my life. That has the potential to touch all parts of one’s life, I believe. For lifestyle, being more creative can help with increasing or maintaining physical activity. Many people become bored with their current exercise program (or lack thereof) and their muscles also become bored. By bringing creativity in, you can change what you do and how you do it. Your mind and body will both thank you. People who are trying to lose or maintain weight can get some benefit from increasing creativity. That diet meal, same old salad, or diet drink doesn’t look very appetizing after a while. By being creative with spices, different flavors in cooking, you can still keep calories low while making food interesting. Your taste buds and waistline will thank you. Finally, I think that by focusing on creativity, you’re doing good things for your brain, which could pay off in work productivity. And it will help make life more enjoyable overall.
-- Dr. Anne McTiernan, cancer prevention researcher in the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutch

I resolve to be more present, more in the moment, with my young child. I resolve to be a better friend. I wish for comfort for all of the grieving parents who have lost a child. I resolve to calm my inner voice. I wish that kids with cancer and their families can have hope because cures ARE coming! I resolve to eat even more chocolate.
-- Marcia Jacobs, mother to Anjuli, who died of a brain tumor at age 4, and to Emily Grace, age 6

I have a hope that the fitness club I’ve been donating money to since April will see me for the first time. I will continue donating money to it and hope that I see the inside of it this year.
--Nancy Zbaren, Cancer Information Service 

I resolve to get off the bus and walk the last stretch to work in the morning to begin my days with exercise, fresh air and thinking time. My goal is to give my best each day to children at Hutch School and families who are in our care.
-- Christie Brown, Hutch School

In 2014, we hope for continued health for all and send strength and positive thoughts to those currently battling cancer.
-- Gregg Gordon, who had an expanded cord blood stem cell transplant at Fred Hutch

I hope for a world that gets better and better both for my children and the new grandchild I’m expecting in June and that we all come together for the good of planet. Working at the Hutch, I’m reminded on a daily basis that what we do makes a difference.
-- Nancy Zbaren, Cancer Information Service 

I resolve to learn more about South Africa’s history and people where the HVTN/Hutch will be working with communities to test HIV vaccines with thousands of volunteers in the coming years.  I want to feel less like a tourist and more like a friend of that great country.
-- Jim Maynard, HVTN 

My New Year's resolutions are guided by two of my core passions: the love of my family and using science to help people live longer and healthier lives. Love of my family is motivating me to exercise at least three times a week. The science passion is motivating me to write a research grant on a cutting edge obesity intervention.
-- Dr. Jonathan Bricker, psychologist and smoking cessation researcher at Fred Hutch

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