Why is Seattle glowing orange?

Buildings will glow orange in April as a sign of solidarity with Obliteride's mission to end cancer by raising funds to accelerating research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

If you glimpse the city skyline at night in April, you may wonder: why is Seattle glowing orange? That's the question organizers of Obliteride—the Hutchinson Center's new fundraising biking event—hope everyone will ask.

Several of Seattle's prominent properties will light rooftops and/or project orange-colored light into the night sky in April. By simultaneously glowing orange, the properties project a shared commitment with Fred Hutch to fight cancer.

"Obliteride is a movement to rally the region around the fight to end cancer; and we've chosen orange as the color to signify that fight," said Amy Lavin, executive director of Obliteride. "An orange-lit skyline is a sign of solidarity with our mission."

Look for these and other properties to glow orange in the month of April:

  • 1551 Eastlake, an Alexandria Real Estate property
  • Financial Center
  • IBM Building
  • 1918 Eighth Avenue, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Pacific Science Center
  • PEMCO Insurance
  • Puget Sound Plaza
  • REI
  • The Seattle Great Wheel
  • Unico Properties LLC
  • Union Square, managed by Washington Holdings

Show your solidarity

Light up your office, your house, your trees. Stick orange cellophane in your windows; use glass markers to name those affected by cancer; change your Facebook profile picture to the orange Obliteride logo – sport the orange to show your solidarity.

Stay tuned to Center News for ways you can help turn Seattle orange in April and August. Register for the ride or sign up to volunteer on the Obliteride website at www.obliteride.org.

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