Michael Emerman: Virology's new editor-in-chief

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center faculty member becomes only the fourth to hold the position in the scientific journal's 58-year history
Dr. Michael Emerman, Human Biology Division
Dr. Michael Emerman, Human Biology Division Photo by Bo Jungmayer

The new year brings a new title for the Human Biology Division's Dr. Michael Emerman—editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Virology. Emerman, who has long served on Virology's editorial board, becomes only the fourth editor-in-chief in the journal's 58-year history.

"Viruses affect all life on earth from human health to the ecology of the ocean to the viability of our food supply. They are affectors of evolution and the source of old and new pathogens, said Emerman, who teaches a graduate course in virology at the University of Washington. "I see being editor-in-chief of Virology as a chance to improve the journal, to take it in new directions and to make it the journal of choice for the community of virologists."

Founded in 1954, Virology is the oldest U.S.-based journal specializing in viruses—publishing results of basic research in all branches of virology. The journal features articles on virus replication, virus-host biology, viral pathogenesis, immunity to viruses, virus structure, and virus evolution and ecology.

Emerman's new post will not change his role at Fred Hutch, where postdocs and students recently honored him with the McDougall Faculty Mentoring Award.

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