Hutch High schools 230 students in science

Michael Miyauchi Foundation funds annual science symposium for students, teachers from across the state
hutch high photos
From left, Mount Tahoma High School students Karina Lopez, Guadalupe Hernandez, Zai Zai Om, Hau Nguyen, and Ester Om with volunteer Claude Beltejar. Photos by Guy Kramer

High school sophomores, teachers and chaperones traveled from all points across the state to Fred Hutch to spend a half-day at the 14th annual Hutch High on Nov. 8. For the attendees—more than 250 in all—the science symposium provided a unique, hands-on venture into the world of biomedical research.

Guided by Fred Hutch volunteers, the students spent the morning isolating and spooling DNA, learning the art of micropipetting and using a germ-revealing black light to test their skills at hand washing. They also toured laboratories, listened to lectures about sickle cell disease, human genetics and how our immune systems function, and left with new impressions about career opportunities in science.

Generous funding for a third year from the Michael Miyauchi Foundation made Hutch High 2012 possible.

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