230 students attend Hutch High

Michael Miyauchi Foundation funds annual science symposium for high schoolers from across the state
Leah Maier (left), Adolfo Ortiz and Eleni Kalasountos
came from Hazen High School in Renton to attend the 12th annual Hutch High science symposium. Photo by Guy Kramer

More than 230 Washington state high schoolers, some from as far away as Okanogan County, arrived on campus early Nov. 4 to attend the 12th annual Hutch High science symposium.

The attendees traveled to the Hutchinson Center from 27 schools to attend a program that offers hands-on laboratory experiences along with valuable information about pursuing a career in science.

Center volunteers guided the students through a range of activities including DNA spooling and micropipetting. Students also used a germ-revealing black light to test their skills at hand washing and heard lectures about bacteria-caused cancers, sickle cell disease and the human immune system.

Hutch High is funded by a grant from the Michael Miyauchi Foundation.

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