Porter wins nearly $5 million from LSDF

State Life Sciences Discovery Fund grant will promote Consortium biospecimen research
Dr. Peggy Porter
Dr. Peggy Porter's LSDF grant will catalyze the development of new diagnostic tests and drugs through the creation of the Consortium Biospecimen Program, which will link regional biomedical investigators with biological specimens. Photo by Ignacio Lobos

Dr. Peggy Porter of the Human Biology Division recently received nearly $5 million from Washington state’s Life Sciences Discovery Fund to establish a multi‐institutional comprehensive biological specimen collection and distribution system to facilitate cancer treatment.

Porter, who is also a University of Washington School of Medicine professor, will use the grant to catalyze the development of new diagnostic tests and drugs by creating the Consortium Biospecimen Program to link regional biomedical investigators with biological specimens. Through the Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Consortium, a cross‐institution informatics platform will be developed, as well as standardized practices for materials transfer and intellectual property management.

The award is part of almost $15 million in program grants to support collaborative research initiatives spearheaded by three state life sciences organizations.
The Life Sciences Discovery Fund, a Washington state agency established in May 2005, makes grant investments in innovative life sciences research to benefit Washington and its citizens. Funding for these awards comes from Washington’s allocation of bonus payments under the Master Tobacco Settlement.

[Adapted from a Life Sciences Discovery Fund news release.]

Dr. Stephen Friend
Dr. Stephen Friend Sage Bionetworks

Sidebar: Sage to use LSDF grant for new partners program

Center-hosted Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit institute working to create an open-access Internet database for researchers to share genomic data and casual disease models, also garnered a Life Sciences Discovery Fund grant. They will use the funds to develop and implement a computing infrastructure that will enable scalable delivery of network data models and analyses to collaborators, and create the Washington Partners Program to engage the state’s academic and biotechnology communities in next‐generation systems biology research.

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