Bucket-list dream for sale: Zero G flight

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Bucket-list dream for sale: Zero G flight

For $7,500, you can experience weightlessness in the company of Nobel laureate Dr. Lee Hartwell and two space celebrities

June 8, 2009
Zero-G flight

Experience weightlessness like an astronaut. The fundraising Zero G flight departs Saturday, June 27; $7,500 may buy you the last seat.

Photo by Steve Boxall

If it's on your bucket list, you'd better act fast. Only one seat remains on Zero G, a flight that simulates the weightlessness experienced by astronauts. But even most astronauts don't get to float in the company of three space and science celebrities: renowned philanthropist and space traveler Charles Simonyi, shuttle astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, and Center president and director Dr. Lee Hartwell.
The once-in-a-lifetime ZERO G flight departs from Boeing Field Saturday, June 27. Participants will experience Martian weight, then lunar weight and then the ultimate experience of weightlessness.

The $7,500 per ticket cost includes a personalized flight suit, preflight training and presentation, personal photography and a DVD to capture your Zero G flight for posterity, also a "re-gravitation party" at the Museum of Flight. Proceeds benefit the Center through the Hutch Holiday Gala; at $198,750 and counting, sales of the Zero G flights already constitute the second-highest selling Gala auction package on record.

Radio host Dori Monson of 710 KIRO News Talk Radio will be participating in the flight and has been promoting it on his show. Also among the participants is Gus a Center supporter—who happens to be wheelchair-bound—whose YouTube post encourages other would-be donors.

Additional details about how you can be part of Zero G are available at http://www.fhcrc.org/about/ne/events/zerog/index.html or through Hutch Holiday Gala Manager Kevin Parker, (206) 667-5423.

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