Trask Lab graduate student wins genetics and public-policy fellowship

Dr. Ed Ramos, a University of Washington graduate student in Dr. Barbara Trask's lab, recently received a one-year Genetics and Public Policy fellowship from the American Society of Human Genetics and the National Human Genome Research Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health.

At the Center, Ramos created tools to look at the organization and dynamics of chromosomes, and applied techniques for studying DNA methylation, a major epigenetic modification.

The fellowship program, which accepts only one fellow per year, is designed for genetics professionals who are early in their careers and are interested in the development and implementation of national genetics health and research policies. Ramos will participate in policy analysis for both organizations and will work directly with the U.S. Congress. He said he looks forward to influencing public policy development and implementation through science.

Throughout his graduate career, Ramos has been involved in efforts to increase recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in science. He helped found and direct an organization, Initiatives for Diversity in Engineering and Science, to support those efforts.

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