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Unlocking a new path for cystine-dense peptides

From the Olson Lab, Clinical Research Division and the Strong Lab, Basic Sciences and Vaccine and Infectious Disease Divisions
Science Spotlight - April 16, 2018

‘Outrageous experience’: Researchers recall pioneering experiments on Soviet space station

Drs. Roland Strong and Barry Stoddard were part of the first U.S. group to launch scientific experiments 25 years ago on the Soviet space station
Hutch News - December 18, 2014

Strong team: Stopping the invasion of the iron snatchers

Findings may help foil anthrax and common bacteria's strategies for evading the body's defenses
Hutch News - March 01, 2007

Vaccine's $40 million boost

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides funding to accelerate HIV-vaccine development
Hutch News - August 03, 2006

The iron fist of the immune system

Study shows protein Lcn2 prevents intestinal infection by depriving bacteria of essential iron
Hutch News - December 16, 2004
Last Modified, August 15, 2019