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Study uncovers new proteins involved in regulating muscular dystrophy-linked gene

CRISPR-based proteomics technique reveals potential therapeutic targets for FSHD, a rare but devastating disease
Hutch News - March 13, 2018

Fred Hutch GSK Partnership - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Collaboration represents first U.S. institution chosen to participate in GSK academic-industry partnership
Releases - December 10, 2012

Tapscott team finds two genetic flaws fuel form of muscular dystrophy

Latest in a series of breakthrough discoveries by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Stephen Tapscott and an international team of researchers may lead to biomarker tests, new treatments
Hutch News - November 12, 2012

‘Dead gene’ plays key role in muscular dystrophy

Tapscott’s global team discovers expression of an MD-causing gene thought to be inactive in humans; work may lead to new therapy targets, evolutionary insights
Hutch News - November 01, 2010
Last Modified, August 15, 2019