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Interferon gamma brings the heat to cold tumors

From the Pollack Lab, Clinical Research Division
Science Spotlight - July 15, 2019

A virus for a therapeutic cancer vaccine

from the Pollack lab, Clinical Research Division
Science Spotlight - November 20, 2017

Understanding the tumor microenvironment for a better fight

from the Pollack lab (Clinical Research Division)
Science Spotlight - June 19, 2017

Using a virus to teach the immune system to kill cancer

‘Exciting’ results from early trial spurs further development of novel vaccine for sarcoma
Hutch News - June 02, 2017

First extensive immune profiling of sarcomas shows some likely susceptible to immunotherapy

Some types of sarcomas elicit a greater immune response than others, which sheds light on how immunotherapy could be used for this connective-tissue cancer, according to a new study in Cancer.
Releases - May 02, 2017

Deploying an ancient defense to kill cancer

In a small sarcoma trial, signs of immune attack after injections of a bacteria-inspired drug
Hutch News - April 03, 2017

Childhood cancer survivor still inspires Fred Hutch researcher

A budding scientist finds his calling in the lab — years after a Hutch internship with the doctor who diagnosed his rare childhood kidney cancer
Hutch News - January 20, 2017

When cancer is a side effect of cancer

Childhood cancer survivors twice as likely to be diagnosed with a second cancer after 40, study finds
Hutch News - September 21, 2015

Good News at Fred Hutch

Hutch scientists, community advisors featured at International AIDS Society conference; Dr. Lee Cranmer to lead sarcoma program
Hutch News - July 16, 2015

Uganda program breaks ground for pioneering cancer center

First comprehensive cancer center collaboration by U.S. and sub-Saharan African cancer institutions will further specialized study, treatment of infection-related cancers
Hutch News - October 11, 2011
Last Modified, August 15, 2019