Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Networks

Providing Access to Promising Therapies to People With Cancer

The Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN) and affiliated Immune Oncology Network (ION) strive to make promising experimental immunotherapies broadly available to people with cancer. CITN and ION benefit from the collective expertise of top academic immunologists to conduct multicenter research on immunotherapy agents capable of unleashing patient immunity to fight cancer.


Clinical Trial Sites

Our network of clinical trial sites, laboratories, and funders work with industry, academia, and government entities to access the most promising immunotherapeutic agents.


Immunotherapeutic Agents

The CITN relies on our membership of leading cancer immunologists to access the most promising immunotherapeutic agents known to date.


Scientific Partners

We collaborate with our industry and philanthropic partners to develop early-stage trials using promising immunotherapeutic agents.

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What We Do

We conduct studies of experimental cancer immunotherapies and focus on testing novel agents in innovative, early-phase clinical trials.

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Who We Are

The collective expertise of top academic immunologists at member clinics in North America come together to support the work of CITN and ION.

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Who We Help

Our clinical trials provide critical data that helps move the science forward toward  potential therapies from experimental stages to wide-spread use for treating patients with cancer.

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Cancer Trials Support Network

The Cancer Trials Support Unit is a service of the National Cancer Institute designed to facilitate access to NCI-funded clinical trials for qualified sites and to support the management and conduct of those trials.

Last Modified, March 16, 2020