Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research

Improving the Value and Efficiency of Cancer Care Delivery

HICOR is a research institute at Fred Hutch whose mission is to improve cancer prevention, detection and treatment in ways that will reduce the economic and human burden of cancer — and ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients. To achieve this, HICOR brings together researchers, patient partners, clinicians, payers and policymakers to share cancer-related data and generate clinically relevant performance metrics that can guide improvements in cancer care.

Key Priorities

  • Health Outcomes
  • Variation in Care
  • Financial Impact
  • Improving Value
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Financial Impact
Improving Value

Improving Health Outcomes

We examine how patterns of care, including screening and treatment for specific diseases, affect patient outcomes and how we can improve outcomes by making interventions more effective. Our studies span many disease areas — including colorectal, lung, prostate and breast cancer — and focus on factors that include health care system characteristics, patient experience, treatment type and medical technologies used.

Understanding Variation and Disparities in Cancer Care

We look at what happens in patient care compared with what guidelines recommend — and what leads to care that does not align with established standards. We also investigate challenges and barriers experienced by minority populations in access to quality care and how these contribute to disparities in cancer incidence and mortality.

Reducing Financial Burden for Patients and Families

To understand and reduce the financial burden on cancer patients, we study cancer diagnosis as a risk factor for personal bankruptcy, develop financial navigation tools for patients and caregivers, and examine the role of financial stress on cancer survival, among other areas of investigation.

Improving Value in Cancer Care

The rising cost of cancer care affects patients, providers and the health system as a whole. We investigate the value of new treatments and technologies for certain cancers based on the total cost of care and the benefits to patients, which may include fewer side effects, better quality of life and longer survival.

HICOR Leadership

HICOR Leadership

HICOR is led by Dr. Scott Ramsey, whose research focuses on cancer outcomes, care delivery and economics. Our co-director is Dr. Veena Shankaran, a gastrointestinal medical oncologist and health outcomes researcher.

HICOR Faculty

HICOR Faculty

Our faculty include experts in public health, health economics, behavioral science, medical imaging, psychometrics, clinical oncology, clinical trial design and many other fields.

Value in Cancer Care Summit

Our annual Value in Cancer Care Summit brings together patients, providers, clinic administrators and staff, health system representatives, nonprofit leaders, payers, researchers, academics and industry representatives to collaborate on ways to improve the quality of cancer care while reducing costs.

The 7th Annual Value in Cancer Care Summit was held virtually on Monday, November 9, 2020. Learn more about the event through the link below. 

Recent Impact

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New studies highlight cancer inequities in hospice care, financial impacts Analyses shared at ASCO annual meeting show lack of home hospice care for Medicaid patients during COVID-19; quantify financial hardships January 7, 2022
New study: Financial hardship common with metastatic colorectal cancer Despite health insurance, almost three-fourths of these patients experienced financial hardship within first year after diagnosis January 6, 2022
What's a cancer registry? These large national databases track cancer trends, spotlight health disparities and improve patient care; new linkages allow for even more March 22, 2021
New cancer drugs lead to life-threatening financial choices Hutch researchers in HICOR take on one of cancer treatment’s deadliest side effects, financial toxicity; call for Medicare policy change December 7, 2020
Community Cancer Care Report

Comparing the Cost and Quality of Cancer Care in Washington State

HICOR collaborated with cancer care providers, public and private health insurers, patients and researchers to develop the first public report on the quality and cost of cancer care across Washington state.

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