HICOR Reports

Community Cancer Care in Washington State Report

The Community Cancer Care Report is a public report that shows clinic-level cancer care quality measures linked to cost. Featuring information on more than 25 clinics throughout Washington state, this report represents a multi-year collaborative effort with insurers, providers and patients. The report allows providers to examine regional trends and identify opportunities to improve cancer care delivery. 

2021 Report 

The 2021 Report provides updated findings for quality metrics and associated costs in cancer care. This edition offers updated findings in order to examine regional trends in cancer care delivery and identify opportunities for improving cancer care while addressing its rising cost. Our hope is that results shared here provide a foundation for ongoing community collaboration toward our mutual goal of high-quality cancer care for all patients in Washington state.


2020 Medicaid Supplement 

The HICOR team is pleased to present the Medicaid Supplement, a complementary report to the Community Cancer Care in Washington State: Quality and Cost Report. The Medicaid Supplement compares quality of cancer care in the Medicaid-and commercially-insured population in Washington state. 


2019 Report

The 2019 report provides updated findings for quality metrics that were first reported in our 2018 report. These metrics cross the spectrum of cancer care, from initial treatment to surveillance to end of life care. HICOR believes that public reporting is the first step toward improving and achieving health care’s triple aim for cancer care – better health, better care and lower costs – by spurring collaboration, research and innovation. The intended purpose of this report is to improve care so that every cancer patient in Washington state will have access to high-quality, affordable care wherever they may be treated.


2018 Report

In 2018, HICOR published the first publicly accessible statewide report showing clinic-level quality measures linked to cost in cancer care. The report, which includes data for cancer patients covered by Washington state’s largest public and commercial insurance providers, is designed to encourage the sharing of best practices and stimulate development of innovative approaches to delivering cancer care in ways that improve the quality of care and lower costs.


Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

2020 was an extraordinarily challenging year for our community of cancer patients, family members, healthcare providers and public health representatives. HICOR investigators devoted significant time and resources to face these challenges, with new studies and reports aimed at addressing the SARS COV-2 pandemic, and the healthcare inequities and racism that so deeply affect the health of our patients and our society.

In Washington State, HICOR was charged by the Department of Health to collect statewide data to assess the impact of COVID-19 on cancer care, with specific emphasis on underserved populations. This effort is funded by the Washington State CARE Fund. On the national front, Dr. Gary Lyman was involved in early efforts to monitor the clinical impact of the pandemic through his leadership in the COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium. This year, we expanded our cancer care quality measurement program to compare quality measures between the Medicaid and commercially insured populations with the goal of understanding disparities in care. 


2018 Annual Report

2018 marked a major milestone in HICOR’s efforts to provide actionable metrics to improve cancer care in our community. In May, HICOR released the Community Cancer Care in Washington State: Quality and Cost Report. This report is the first in the nation to publicly report clinic-level quality measures linked to cost in oncology, and its publication reflects a commitment among Washington state providers, payers, patients, and policymakers to collaboration and transparency in pursuit of better patient care.


2016–2017 Annual Report

The work at the Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research at Fred Hutch is driven by a vision to improve outcomes and reduce costs for cancer patients and families. Engaging patient partners in the research process is central to this vision. This year HICOR was fortunate to work with a number of talented patients and patient advocates as they opened enrollment for a national clinical trial, conceptualized novel interventions to improve cancer care, and expanded our performance measurement program.


2015-2016 Annual Report

The HICOR team is committed to finding solutions to reduce the economic burden of cancer for patients, families and society. We view this critical issue through the lens of value — asking ourselves how our work can contribute to ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care and the best possible results without the financial devastation that too often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. We started with the simple yet vital concept of measurement. Could we gather and analyze the data necessary to create a picture of how cancer care is delivered in our community? The short answer, built on the hard work and expertise of our data and clinical analytics team, is yes.

Topics include cancer and bankruptcy, enhancing the impact of clinical trials, and economic perspectives on precision oncology.


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