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'Coming out' with cancer: Patients, experts discuss ins and outs of sharing a diagnosis

From going public on Facebook to friends who ‘ghost,’ patients and experts discuss the ins and outs of sharing a diagnosis
Hutch News - January 08, 2016

On the other side of tragedy: Stress may boost resilience

People who endure life-changing stress seem to gain resilience — and think they look younger: study
Hutch News - November 18, 2015

Stress-lowering heart drug may boost ovarian cancer survival

Findings move to clinical trials, but cancer patients can use yoga and other relaxation techniques now to lower stress
Hutch News - August 25, 2015

Cancer is no laughing matter — or is it?

Tough room: As the saying goes, dying is easy, it’s comedy that’s hard – particularly when it’s a sensitive subject
Hutch News - August 04, 2015

Cancer couture

‘Cancer dresses’ aim to spark conversations about body image
Hutch News - March 28, 2014

Patient art

Fred Hutch’s Dr. Bonnie McGregor teams with Seattle artist Catherine Mayer to explore the health effects of artistic expression
Hutch News - March 21, 2014

McGregor launches first Fred Hutch crowdfunding campaign

Behavioral medicine researcher and psychologist Bonnie McGregor is raising funds to develop a web-workbook to accompany a cognitive stress-management program for ovarian cancer survivors
Hutch News - May 23, 2013

SMART study still seeks recruits

McGregor seeks volunteers with family history of breast cancer for study on the effects of stress-management techniques on immune function
Hutch News - February 22, 2010

Can stress-management techniques improve immune function?

Bonnie McGregor seeks volunteers with family history of breast cancer for Health SMART study
Hutch News - November 09, 2009

Study stresses relaxation techniques

PHS researcher looks at stress reduction to heighten vaccine immune response
Hutch News - March 02, 2006
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