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Hutch Science: COVID-19

Researchers work to understand this pandemic and inform efforts to stop it.

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Since its emergence in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the world, including the U.S. 

The global scientific community has reacted to this new viral threat with unprecedented speed and cooperation. Key insights for saving lives are coming out of rapid genome sequencing, open data sharing and transparent scientific communications.

Grounded in experience with global health threats ranging from AIDS to Zika, our researchers are an important part of an international scientific response to the pandemic — tracking the virus' spread, developing diagnostic tests, designing vaccine trials, and working to prevent future outbreaks.

Fred Hutch shifting most on-site lab and clinical research to remote work

Our Research in the News

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Fred Hutch scientists are sharing their expertise and insights about COVID-19 and related issues by talking to media from the around the world as they cover this pandemic. Along with coverage in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times and GeekWire, there are additional highlights below as well as a comprehensive list of news stories about Hutch activities surrounding the coronavirus crisis is available on our media coverage page and reporters should contact our media team if they have questions. 

Fred Hutch campus
New York Times

How the Virus Got Out

An interactive analysis illustrating why the outbreak spread that relies significantly on the work of Fred Hutch’s Trevor Bedford and Betz Halloran to track COVID-19.

Fred Hutch Campus

A U.S. scientist is helping public health authorities understand and track the coronavirus, turning up clues about how it arrived and spread through Washington state and beyond.

Chart mapping the Spread of a Deadly Disease
Vanity Fair

Mapping the Spread of a Deadly Disease

Using real-time data from scientists around the world,, cocreated by biologist Trevor Bedford, makes the spread of Covid-19 into a thing of multicolored, branching beauty.

Seattle Tacoma Airport is nearly empty
The Seattle Times

The etiquette of social distancing in the time of coronavirus

Dr. Steven Pergam is like a Miss Manners for the age of coronavirus. His job title, after all, is “Infection Preventionist.” He’s been practicing social distancing for years.

Hutch Researchers Connected to COVID-19

Spinning Science

 'Open Science' Under a Microscope

The COVID-19 outbreak has become an important test case for the risks and benefits of open science — a movement long-simmering within the global research community. By calling for rapid, free and public posting of scientific findings, it amounts to a rebellion against the old ways of conducting and reporting research.  

Our Partners

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance building

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

We are working closely with our partners in the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance -- UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s to assist in minimizing the risk of transmission of disease and understand COVID-19.  

Seattle Flu Study participants.

Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network

The Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network is led by the Brotman Baty Institute in collaboration with Fred Hutch, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s that is actively involved in following COVID cases and infections in our region.

Support COVID-19 Research

Every dollar helps our scientists reduce the threat of the novel coronavirus.

Last Modified, April 06, 2020