OCOE Community Action Board

Community Action Board in Eastern Washington

Since Fred Hutch is based in Seattle, investigators partnered with community members to establish a satellite field office, called the Center for Community Health Promotion (CCHP), in the Lower Yakima Valley. We have formed a Community Action Board (CAB), comprised of community members, representatives from local community-based organizations, clinic systems, and hospitals. CAB members act as liaisons between their communities and researchers. The CAB helps identify research topics of interest to the community, influences decisions taken by CCHP staff and investigators with regard to prioritizing CBPR projects, and identifies ways to recruit participants for projects, and engages additional partners for projects. Over the years, the CAB has guided CCHP staff and investigators on a number of CBPR intervention projects around topics such as cancer prevention, cancer support, diabetes prevention and self-management, reducing pesticide exposure among children, and reducing obesity among Latino adults and children.


Lilian Bravo

Yakima Health District

Kathryn (Kate) Adkison

People for People

Sandra Aguilar

Catholic Charities Housing Service

Gilbert Alaniz

Northwest Communities Education Center/KDNA

Adrian Almanza

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic/Safe Haven

Yesica Arciga Garcia

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic/Community Health Plan of WA

Laura Armstrong

La Casa Hogar

Maria Benavides

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Ofelio Borges

Department of Agriculture

Jocelyn Castillo

Yakima Health District

Leticia Chavez

Comprehensive Mental Health

Nelly Cisneros

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Brenda Collins

DaVita Kidney Center

Ronan Cox

Fred Hutch

Leti Garcia

Lower Valley Crisis & Support Services

Lorenzo Garza

Sunnyside School District

Lori Gibbons

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Brittany Gonzalez

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic/Safe Haven

Sabrina Jackson

Res Care Home Care

Eligio Jimenez

Toppenish School District

Sandra Linde

Astria Sunnyside Hospital

Cathy Lopez

Yakima Health District

Erma Medina

Inspire Development Center

Nati Mendoza

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Rosa Ortiz

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic/AmeriCorp

Juan Ozuna

Northwest Communities Education Center/KDNA

Caty Padilla Johnson

Nuestra Casa

Anita Quintana

Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Mary Rita Rohde

Nuestra Casa

Teri Sanchez

People for People

Gracie Sexton

People for People

Juanita Silva

Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital

Elizabeth Torres

Northwest Communities Education Center/KDNA

Jessica Van Doren

Yakima Health District

Amy Zook

Wellness House