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Supporting Research and Projects that Improve Health in Many Populations

Our projects are conducted by researchers from Fred Hutch as well as our Consortium partner institutions, University of Washington and Seattle Children's. We also partner with external research teams. Studies and projects are carried out across a number of populations and across the cancer contimuum — from prevention and screening to treatment. Cultural sensitivity is often a key factor in determing study methods.

Recruitment and Retention

Does your research team need technical assistance or support with study recruitment or engaging with a particular community?

Historically underserved populations are much less likely to engage in research studies or clinical trials for a number of reasons. Even now, individuals from underserved populations are less likely to know about clinical trials. Furthermore, numerous attitudinal and structural barriers have been noted as contributors to the low rate of participation in research studies by underrepresented groups. There is an overriding need to recruit people from diverse racial/ethnic groups into clinical trials to improve cancer prevention and treatment across all populations. 

The OCOE Recruitment and Retention Resource is implementing training programs and resources to increase awareness for researchers to authentically include underrepresented groups from catchment populations in research and clinical trials. The OCOE can assist Consortium researchers with study design and recruitment by using culturally tailored approaches to promote participation in Consortium studies and trials.

Please fill out our form to request support from the OCOE with community-based participatory research, or community-engaged research best practices in general, culturally and/or linguistically appropriate recruitment, community connection/engagement, technical assistance, or other support. 

Contact us for technical assistance or support with study recruitment or engaging with a particular community.

Recruitment and Retention Resources

Online Resources for Investigators and Staff
Online Resources for the Public and Patients

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