Health & Wellness Festival

What is the Health and Wellness Festival?

The Health and Wellness Festival (HWF) is an annual event in honor of Minority Health Awareness Month in April. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness and address health disparities among underserved populations who experience a greater cancer burden. The Health and Wellness Festival brings together community organizations, and city and state organizations to provide free services, resource information, and health promotion education. Since 2014, the OCOE has partnered with Seattle Parks and Recreation to host this signature event at the Rainier Beach Community Center.

Better Health Outcomes for Everyone

Our Hope for our Community


Host a community health fair in geographic dwellings with high cancer-related health disparities

Cancer Prevention

Focus on cancer prevention education and connecting to local and consortium resources


Partner with local, city, and state organizations to make an impact to connect communities with resources to address the Social Determinants of Health

Next Upcoming Health and Wellness Festival:2023

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