Frequently Asked Questions About Fred Hutch Housing

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If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact our housing department at 206.606.7263 or

Any Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center patient, caregiver or family member of a patient is welcome to stay at the South Lake Union House (formerly SCCA House), or Pete Gross House while the patient is undergoing active treatment. Pete Gross House gives priority to people who need extended stays of more than one month. Only patients with a verifiable home address can be housed during treatment.  A patient experiencing homelessness must first acquire an address where they can relocate to, once treatment is completed.

Housing and COVID-19 Alert

South Lake Union House (formerly SCCA House,) and Pete Gross House staff are working closely with our Infection Prevention team to protect residents from the spread of COVID-19.

Learn more about Housing and COVID-19

Who Stays at the South Lake Union House and Pete Gross House?

Pre-transplant patients may stay at the South Lake Union House during their work-up period, but we suggest that you consider transferring to Pete Gross House or other private apartment at or around day zero. Pete Gross House units have full kitchens with large refrigerators and washer -dryers, allowing for greater isolation if a patient needs it. The shared spaces (community kitchen and media room) that encourage group interaction at South Lake Union House may not be ideal for patients who need isolation after transplant while their immune systems rebuild. In addition, If you are a transplant patient and wish to stay at South Lake Union House, remember to maintain as much isolation as possible, and refrain from using anything that might carry germs from person to person (kitchen sponges, towels, etc.) Your transplant team will teach you and your caregiver about the details to consider.

Patients With Care Challenges or Limited Mobility

South Lake Union House and Pete Gross House are not medical facilities. There are no aides to assist you with walking, bathing, getting up from a chair or toilet, or transferring from bed to chair. Strict rules forbid housing staff from any lifting activities with guests, for liability concerns. Please keep that in mind when arranging for a caregiver during your stay.

Some rooms have been designed to accommodate guests with mobility issues, but not ALL rooms are accessible units. If you require mobility assistance, such as a wheelchair or walker, discuss your challenges with your medical team and staff at the South Lake Union House or Pete Gross.


The South Lake Union House and Pete Gross House are not hotels. Because our goal is to keep the costs as low as possible for you, we do not provide hotel amenities or housekeeping on a daily basis. We do fill toilet paper when readying a unit for a new guest, but during your stay we do not refill toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

The shuttle vans make a grocery run daily to help you in outfitting your new home. Look for our suggested grocery list for reminders.

We do have items available for loan from the front desk in the South Lake Union House and Pete Gross House, including an iron, ironing board, hair dryer, smaller vacuum cleaner, extra chair and blow-up bed.

Paying for Housing

Contact your insurance carrier directly and ask them for details on your policy’s lodging and travel benefit. If your insurance company requires a letter of medical necessity to approve lodging, contact the Fred Hutch Housing Department at 206.606.7263. We can bill private insurance directly if you provide written authorization.

Financial Assistance for Housing

Some organizations provide financial assistance for housing. You may want to speak to a social worker for a financial assistance consultation. Contact 206.606.1076 to be referred to a social worker.


South Lake Union House and Pete Gross House can bill Medicaid directly for residents from Washington and Idaho (for lodging only). Montana doesn’t accept direct billing; clients must pay up front and get reimbursed by Medicaid for a portion of their housing costs. All three states require pre-approval before move-in.

Washington State Hotel Tax Exemption

South Lake Union House is exempt from the Washington state hotel tax (15.6%). Pete Gross House is also exempt for stays of 30 consecutive nights or longer.

Wait List and Other Concerns

Pete Gross House often cannot confirm the availability of a room until a week or few days before your arrival. We know it can be worrisome to not have housing secured in advance. You may want to make a reservation at the South Lake Union House, or a local hotel for the interim period, while you wait for a spot to become available (be sure to ask about cancellation fees). You may also want to have a second housing option in mind just to be prepared.

Your health is very important. Immediately contact the property manager or owner with any cleanliness or safety concerns. If you are concerned about talking with them, or remain unsatisfied, call the Fred Hutch Housing Department at 206.606.7263.

Remember you have other options. The most common reason people choose outside apartments or condos is because of pets they bring, or the size of the party they wish to accommodate. Some patients prefer a different area of town, or a more private setting that a condo or private apartment can provide.