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The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD) is grounded in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to research on a global scale. To facilitate this work, VIDD members have access to vast, unparalleled specimen and data collections for use in both laboratory and computational analysis.

Our leadership fosters an environment of creativity and innovation through collaboration, and we are dedicated to the advancement of early-career researchers. VIDD members are a diverse, active community of scientists who value inclusive decision-making and diversity. Committed to maintaining a tradition of scientific excellence, our division encourages multidisciplinary research throughout Fred Hutch and in partnership with outstanding research and clinical care organizations worldwide.

“Cancer and infectious diseases are always linked. It’s our role here at Fred Hutch to eliminate them or prevent them.”

— Julie McElrath, Director

Our Leadership

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Julie McElrath, MD, PhD

Julie McElrath, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Director & Professor

One of the world’s leading HIV vaccine researchers, Dr. Julie McElrath directs Fred Hutch’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division. She establishes the overall research direction for the program as well as guiding and mentoring junior faculty and young researchers.

Her lab has led groundbreaking research to identify some of the key relationships between HIV and the human immune system. Additionally, Dr. McElrath has led and contributed to a number of critical national and international HIV prevention efforts. These include the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, which is the world's largest network of its kind, and the Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit.

A 2013 recipient of Puget Sound Business Journal’s Women of Influence Award, Dr. McElrath is also a full member in the Clinical Research Division of Fred Hutch, the Joel D. Meyers Endowed Chair, and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington.

Tracy Woodman, Associate Vice President, VIDD

Tracy Woodman, M.A., Associate Vice President

Tracy brings 20 years of executive-level experience in operational systems design, business process improvement, human resources management, financial planning, and federal grants management. Most recently she served as the Deputy Director of Health Alliance International, an independent, non-profit organization affiliated with the UW Department of Global Health. In this position and others, she has overseen public health programmatic financial and business operations in several African countries and undergraduate research programming in India. Tracy received her B.A. in international studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and M.A. at the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies.

Our Executive Committee

The VIDD Executive Committee (EC) is comprised of six member-track faculty members (including the director of VIDD, Dr. McElrath, who also serves as a Hutch senior vice president) and up to two ex-officio members. The committee meets one to two times monthly and is charged with the development of strategic and professional leadership activities and the mentorship of faculty.

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Global Reach

HIV Vaccine Trials Network map

HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Headquartered at Fred Hutch, HVTN is an international partnership of research scientists, clinical trial sites, laboratories and others engaged in the global search for a preventive HIV vaccine. The network includes more than 30 sites on five continents. VIDD member and Fred Hutch President Emeritus Dr. Larry Corey has led the worldwide initiative since its inception in 1999. Dr. Julie McElrath, Director of VIDD and IVD, directs the laboratory component of this initiative. Its statistical components are directed by BBE head, Dr. Peter Gilbert. Collectively, research conducted by the network has transformed care for HIV/AIDS patients worldwide.

persons working in a lab

Our Global Reach

Striving to eliminate infectious diseases and to reduce the global burden of cancer, VIDD scientists conduct research across the globe. Our members maintain laboratory, clinical and field sites in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our division has specific initiatives in Uganda, China and the Republic of South Africa to advance the understanding of infection-related cancers and infectious diseases that affect high-risk populations in these regions.   In partnership with Fred Hutch’s Global Oncology Program, our decade-long collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Institute has yielded a new facility, tools and treatments that will save lives in low-resource countries worldwide. Patients now have access to the latest diagnostic methods and clinical care standards. Scientists can conduct advanced experiments with state-of-the-art equipment, while accessing local clinical cohorts as well as datasets and a large repository of well-characterized specimens. This will better enable scientists to study emerging infections and cancers caused by viruses and other pathogens. 

Cultivating Next-Generation Researchers

VIDD’s faculty are world-renowned leaders in multiple scientific disciplines, and many of our members direct vast international programs with locations in multiple centers around the globe. We strive to attract a young, diverse cadre of the most promising researchers in their fields, promoting the advancement and scientific development of junior faculty and research fellows.

Our distinguished program in Infectious Disease Sciences offers outstanding students and post-doctoral fellows a novel training opportunity in infectious diseases in immunocompromised patients. Funded by a first-of-its-kind NIH grant, the training program operates as a partnership between senior faculty at the University of Washington Medical School and Fred Hutch’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division.

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