Biostatistics Shared Resources

As part of the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), the Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) provides collaborative statistical support and is available to all Consortium investigators.  This resource is intended mainly for investigators who need biostatistical support but don’t have funding for such.  BSR activities do not require funding from Consortium investigators and while they are intended to be short-term collaborations, they often lead to grants that are expected to include biostatistical support in their budget.

Our goals include:

  • Provide short-term consultations for basic biostatistics questions, including advice on study design, endpoints, sample size, power calculations, data collection instruments, and advise on appropriate statistical tools.
  • Assist with data analysis, interpretation of results, and preparation of manuscripts.
  • Development of statistical sections as appropriate for NIH and foundation grants.
  • Foster long-term collaborations between biostatisticians and other scientists in all phases of the research process.

The BSR is composed of a mixture of faculty-level biostatisticians and statistical research associates (SRAs).  While the specific composition changes from time to time, there are generally roughly seven faculty-level biostatisticians and 3-4 SRAs who are available to participate in BSR activities. 

If you need biostatistical support through the BSR, please contact us using the Consultation Form.