Volunteer Studies

Volunteer Studies

Volunteer participation in clinical trials and observational studies is vital to disease research. No matter how promising a new drug, vaccine or procedure looks when tested in the laboratory or on animals, it cannot be approved for general use in humans until it has been carefully evaluated through several phases of clinical study that include volunteer participants. Observational studies are also crucial to determining cause and effect in human health, including how behavior, lifestyle, genetic factors and other traits may help prevent disease or contribute to disease risk. Some of our studies seek healthy participants for prevention research that may involve dietary changes, vitamin supplementation, increased physical activity or adoption of other health-promoting behaviors. 


ACE Study

The Acute Effects of Exercise on Breast Cancer Biomarkers (ACE Study) will test the effect of one 45-minute bout of moderate intensity exercise on cancer risk factors in healthy women.

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HA-1 TCT-T Cell Study

Fred Hutch is recruiting patient with leukemia or related blood disorders who have relapsed after blood or marrow transplant to a phase 1 treatment study. Eligible participants may be offered a new type of cell therapy.

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Immunity to Respiratory Illnesses

The Flu Study research team, in partnership with Fred Hutch, is looking for participants for a research study about immunity to respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 and influenza.

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Dietary Intervention to Reduce Pain for Endometriosis

We are conducting a dietary intervention study which looks at the effects of a healthy diet on pain levels in people with endometriosis. We are looking for participants who may be assigned to either an intervention arm (healthy diet) or control arm (regular diet) for a 12-week period.

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HIV Vaccine Studies

We are enrolling HIV-negative volunteers for a number of HIV vaccine studies. The products used in our trials are not produced from live HIV or from HIV-infected human cells and cannot cause HIV infection. 

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The Air Study

Fred Hutch is recruiting individuals to participate in a study to learn about how to reduce personal exposure to air pollution, a known risk factor for lung cancer. We hope to use the information that we gather to develop larger studies to increase knowledge and awareness of the harmful health effects of air pollution.

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Malaria Studies

We are working to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and limit malaria. To do this, we need healthy volunteers to take part in our clinical research studies. Read the general criteria and use our screening tool to see if you qualify for a study.

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Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle (PALS) is enrolling volunteers with low-grade prostate cancer who have chosen active surveillance of their disease. The goal is to learn whether weight loss through diet and exercise can slow the progression of prostate cancer.

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Learn about the hundreds of faculty at Fred Hutch and their groundbreaking research — all of it aimed at eliminating cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. 

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Many patients choose Fred Hutch because we are on the leading edge of cancer research, so we can offer you the option to take part in clinical trials that match your situation.

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Fred Hutch has hundreds of physicians dedicated to the highest-quality patient care, and many of them are known around the world for their contribution to cancer research.

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