Enrolling Patients with Leukemia or Related Blood Disorders

Fred Hutch is Recruiting Patients with Leukemia or Related Blood Disorders Who Have Relapsed After Blood or Marrow Transplant

The clinical trial, HA-1 TCR-T Cell Therapy is a phase 1 trial. HA-1 is a protein made only in blood and blood-forming cells, including normal blood cells and leukemia. HA-1 comes in two forms — one form is 'visible" to the immune system and the other is not. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we might be able to offer you a new type of cell therapy if the leukemia or related blood disorder has relapsed after transplant. 

Below you will find the eligibility survey. If you pass the survey, you will have the option of being contacted by the researchers who are running this trial to discuss if you wish to enroll. 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Adults or children
  • Diagnosed with Leukemia or related blood disorder
  • Relapsed after undergoing a Blood or Marrow Stem Cell Transplant
  • Have an HLA type of HLA-A*02:01

About the Survey

  • Before taking the survey, know your HLA type (check your medical record or ask your doctor or transplant coordinator)
  • The survey may be completed by a patient, family member, friend, nurse, physician assistant or physician
  • A parent or guardian must complete the survey for patients <14 years

Read More About the Clinical Trial

If you wish to join the trial, take our brief eligibility survey.

Dr. Elizabeth Krakow

Dr. Elizabeth Krakow

Dr. Krakow works to develop safe and effective cellular immunotherapy approaches for patients with leukemia and lymphomas, especially those who have relapsed after blood and marrow transplantation. 

Remember, the researchers cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for the T cell treatment, even after you take the survey. Also, if you join the trial and receive the T cell treatment, we cannot guarantee that it will work for you. We hope the information we learn from this phase 1 trial will help as many patients as possible in the future.