Stephanie K. Schaub, MD

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Stephanie K. Schaub, MD
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Stephanie K. Schaub, MD

  • Physician, Fred Hutch
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine

Radiation Oncology

“We work together to ensure that you feel supported throughout every step of the journey, even into survivorship. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient years later, thriving and living their best life.”

— Dr. Schaub

Why do you choose to work at Fred Hutch?

My philosophy for choosing an institution was to find a place that I would overwhelmingly recommend for any of my family members or loved ones. The patient-centered, humble, innovative, scientific culture at UW Medicine and Fred Hutch defines what it’s like to receive care here. Cancer treatment is truly a team sport, and I’m able to collaborate with experts across many disciplines, often during individual patient visits. We work together to ensure that you feel supported throughout every step of the journey, even into survivorship. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient years later, thriving and living their best life.

What’s it like to work with you?

Cancer treatment is often not black and white; there can be many different pathways. It is my privilege to work with you and your loved ones to find the path that best aligns with your values, goals, current challenges and worries about the future. I always strive to explain the reasoning behind my recommendations, why I think a certain type of radiation may be optimal for you or why there is no clear role for radiation at this time. I believe in forming the kind of patient-physician alliance where we’re on a first-name basis and you feel comfortable asking any question.

Provider Background

Specialty: Radiation Oncology

Area of clinical practice

Sarcomas, pediatrics, spine tumors

Sarcomas, pediatric cancers

I am a radiation oncologist who specializes in treating patients with pediatric cancers and sarcomas, a rare cancer that forms in bones and connective tissue. I serve as a bridge between the pediatric and adult sarcoma worlds, aiming to push the frontiers forward in both settings. My expertise spans several radiation modalities, including proton therapy, intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) — which is performed in conjunction with surgery — and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

My research interests involve discovering non-invasive biomarkers — for example, through imaging or blood samples — that can predict cancer outcomes or treatment-related toxicity. My goal is to improve our ability to personalize treatment so that we can achieve a cure, or improve your quality of life, while decreasing toxic side effects. I also study how functional imaging, which is used to study the inner workings of an organ, can help with radiation planning. Another area of interest is conducting clinical trials for patients with sarcoma or pediatric cancers.

Diseases Treated



Education, Experience and Certifications

Undergraduate Degree
University of California, Davis

Medical Degree
Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

University of Washington School of Medicine, Radiation Oncology

Board Certification
Radiation Oncology, 2020, American Board of Radiology

Internship, Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Seattle Met's 2023 Top Doctors award
Dr. Schaub has received this peer-nominated award for exceptional patient care.

Greenwald Award for Academic Excellence
Dr. Schaub received this award in 2015 for being the member of the graduating class at Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine with the highest overall academic standing.

Clinical Trials

We make promising new treatments available to you through studies called clinical trials led by Fred Hutch doctors. Many of these trials at Fred Hutch have led to FDA-approved treatments and have improved standards of care globally. Together, you and your doctor can decide if a study is right for you.

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