Kylie Kang, MD

Kylie Kang, MD

Kylie Kang, MD

  • Physician, Fred Hutch
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine

Radiation Oncology

“I am deeply committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care. I feel genuine concern for each patient’s well-being and comfort.”

— Dr. Kang

What do you value about your work?

Witnessing my mother cope with breast cancer greatly shaped my outlook on the disease and influenced my approach to providing patient care. Her experience instilled in me deep empathy and understanding of the physical and emotional challenges that patients and their families face. This personal connection fuels my goal of providing not only advanced and effective medical care, but also a compassionate, supportive environment for individuals navigating the complexities of a cancer diagnosis. It reinforced my dedication to improving the lives of those affected by cancer through a patient-centered approach.

What brought you to radiation oncology?

My dedication to breast and gynecologic cancers as a radiation oncologist stems from my personal experience with the field. I have seen close family members through their own oncologic journeys, and this ignited within me a sense of purpose to contribute meaningfully to the lives of patients facing similar challenges, while adding to advancements in cancer treatment and research.

Provider Background

Area of Clinical Practice
Breast cancer, gynecologic cancer

I am a physician who sees patients at the South Lake Union Clinic and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center - Proton Therapy.

As a radiation oncologist specializing in breast and gynecologic cancers, my approach to care is patient-centric. I emphasize open communication and making sure patients fully understand their diagnosis as well as the potential benefits and risks associated with radiation therapy. Collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary team, I strive to integrate the latest evidence-based practices and technologies and tailor treatments to patients.

My research is focused on advanced radiation treatment modalities, with a particular emphasis on proton therapy and image-guided radiation therapy. Through these investigations, I hope to enhance precision and minimize the side effects of radiation therapy for patients undergoing treatment.

Diseases Treated



Education, Experience and Certifications

Undergraduate Degree
Duke University

Medical Degree
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Radiation Oncology

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) 


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