Kristin Lastwika, PhD

Dr. Kristin Lastwika PhD
Faculty Member

Kristin Lastwika, PhD

Assistant Professor
Translational Science and Therapeutics Division, Fred Hutch

Dr. Kristin Lastwika studies interactions between the immune system and tumors and aims to translate these insights into new ways to detect, visualize and treat early-stage lung cancer. In particular, she studies immune proteins called autoantibodies. Immune cells release antibodies to protect us against infection, but can also produce autoantibodies that recognize our own tissues, including tumors. Dr. Lastwika uses a platform that enables her to isolate tumor-directed autoantibodies directly from cancer patients. She is working to turn these into new biomarker tests, imaging tools and cancer immunotherapies.


George Washington University, 2014, PhD (Immunology)

University of Aberdeen, 2008, MSc (Immunology)

University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2007, BS (Biotechnology)

Research Interests

Cancer Early Detection



Current Studies

Translating autoantibodies into immunotherapies

Lung cancer early detection

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