Colleen Delaney, MD, MSc


Colleen Delaney, MD, MSc

Affiliate Investigator
Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutch

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Dr. Colleen Delaney is pioneering methods to make umbilical cord blood transplants more available and successful worldwide. Because it does not need to be as closely matched to the patient as bone marrow, cord blood offers an option to those thousands of blood cancer patients every year who can’t find a matched adult donor. Dr. Delaney developed a breakthrough method for multiplying the small number of stem and progenitor cells in each cord blood unit hundreds of times over in the lab. Her primary research focus is on developing these multiplied cells for use in the clinic. Her goal is to develop therapies that protect patients from severe side effects after cord blood transplant or intensive chemotherapy. Dr. Delaney was the founding director of the Hutch’s Cord Blood Program. 

Other Appointments & Affiliations

Associate Professor, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
University of Washington


1985-1989 Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT-BA, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with Honors

1989-1991 Oxford University, Christ Church College, Oxford, England - MSc, Social Research and Social Policy -Concentrations: Medical Sociology/Sociology of Education

1992-1996 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA - M.D., June 1996

Research Interests

Cord blood transplant, Notch-mediated ex vivo expansion of cord blood progenitor cells for clinical application, hematopoietic stem cell regulation

"I love caring for patients, but being a doctor opened my eyes to the potential of research, where I realized I can really change things for a lot of people."

— Dr. Colleen Delaney

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