Jason Bielas, Ph.D.


Jason Bielas, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jason Bielas is a translational researcher who studies how genetic mutations contribute to the development of cancer and other age-related diseases. His research focuses on preventing these diseases, advancing treatments and increasing patient survival. He also develops new tools and technologies to measure biological information and gain new insights into biology that exceed the scope of the hypotheses being tested. Dr. Bielas is developing a tool to spot cancer-causing mutations in ovarian cancer cells floating within a patient’s blood to detect the disease, often diagnosed late, in its early stages. Along with the Hutch’s Dr. Harlan Robins, he also developed a DNA-based tool to count the cancer-fighting immune cells that migrate into ovarian tumors and showed that more immune cells correlate with better patient survival. Dr. Bielas predicts the technology could forecast treatment response, cancer recurrence and disease-free survival earlier and more effectively than any current method. Ongoing areas of interest include nuclear and mitochondrial genomics, DNA repair, transcriptomics (the study of RNA molecules), metabolomics (the study of chemical processes involving metabolites), single cell biology, tumor immunology, cancer therapeutics and diagnostics.


York University, Toronto, Ph.D., 2003

Research Interests

The Bielas Laboratory studies the fundamental and clinical implications of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA mutations in the pathogenesis of cancer and age-related disease.

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