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Garnet Anderson, Ph.D., Director, Public Health Sciences

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Dr. Garnet Anderson is director of Fred Hutch's Public Health Sciences Division (PHS) and an affiliate professor of biostatistics at the University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine.   As the PHS  Director, Anderson will provide scientific leadership to the division, coordinating and initiating collaborations with the other divisions and the overall Center leadership. 

After receiving her Ph.D. in biostatistics from UW, she joined the Public Health Sciences faculty in 1989 and currently serves as a member of the Cancer Prevention Program and the Biostatistics and Biomathematics Program as well as principal investigator of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Clinical Coordinating Center.

Since the launch of the WHI study in the early ‘90s,  Anderson has been a central figure in the WHI Clinical Coordinating Center.  She has played a major role in clinical trial design and in overseeing trial implementation of data management and quality-control activities.  She became co-principal investigator of the WHI Clinical Coordinating Center in 2008 and the sole principal investigator in 2011.  She currently chairs the national WHI Steering Committee.

Dr. Anderson has held leadership roles in other multicenter groups including as Project  Director for a project in the NCI-funded Pacific Ovarian Cancer Research Consortium SPORE, as statistician for the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) Gynecology Committee and as Associate Director for the SWOG Statistical Center for Cancer Control.  She was co-principal investigator of the data coordinating center for an NIA-funded clinical trials network to study alternative therapies for menopausal symptoms (MsFLASH).  Dr. Anderson was recently awarded an NCI Cancer Cohort Infrastructure grant to establish the WHI Cancer Survivor Cohort.  She has authored over 120 articles and has served on numerous national and international panels and review groups. 

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Dr. Garnet Anderson, Director of the Public Health Sciences Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, believes incremental advances in cancer research have led to significant advances in cancer prevention, therapies and survivorship.