Council Members

Seattle Council 

Seattle Council Member Almeera Anwar

Almeera Anwar

The Gates Foundation
“As a Seattle native, I have always been aware of the amazing research and innovation at Fred Hutch. When my life was touched by cancer, I knew it was time to get more involved and support this phenomenal organization. I sit on the IN council because I believe in the mission and want to see an end to cancer, and know the Hutch is leading the way to that!”

Seattle Council Member Ryan Broms

Ryan Broms

Synergy Construction
“Not only does the Hutch lead the way with research and the development of innovative therapies, they also work to support the families of those fighting cancer. Their comprehensive approach to battling this terrible group of diseases is why I joined Innovators Network.”

Seattle Council Member Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks

University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
“I’m involved with the Innovators Network and Hutch because they deliver results. They fight the diseases that have stricken my family and deliver hope and options to our community and well beyond.”

Seattle Council Member Cyrus Fiene

Cyrus Fiene

Coldwell Banker Bain
“I am IN because of what the Network stands for. IN because I want to be part of a passionate group that dedicates themselves to something bigger and is proactive. Cancer has struck my family and many friends over the years, and I want to be part of something that fights back so that future generations will not have to.”

Seattle Council Member Kyle Fukuchi

Kyle Fukuchi

Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. 
“I am involved with IN to help spread awareness about an amazing organization leading the charge to fight cancer. Getting our generation involved now will make a huge difference for generations to come.”

Seattle Council Member Maureen Lane

Maureen Lane

“I am IN because cancer has impacted far too many friends and family, and I believe Fred Hutch has the vision and innovative researchers needed to cure this disease. The Innovators Network brings together a passionate and fun group of people dedicated to raising the funds the Hutch needs to find these cures.”

Seattle Council Member Zahra Megji

Zahra Megji

“I heard about Innovators Network through friends. I was completely blown away that a small group could make such a huge impact! To see how the funds being raised were going directly to innovative research was so inspiring. I may not be a doctor or a scientist, but being an IN member makes me feel like I am working alongside them in the hope that soon we will have a cure for cancer.”

Aaron Olson

Aaron Olson

Turner Construction
“I am IN because as a patient at the Hutch I know first-hand the impact of the cutting-edge research, treatments and care they provide. Their impact goes beyond just curing cancer, but brings hope to family members, friends and acquaintances who are impacted by any cancer diagnosis. I want to use my story however I can to help further the cause!”

Seattle Council Member Lance Pelletier

Lance Pelletier

Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
“I am IN because I want to be a part of the solution to this terrible disease. Over the past several years, I’ve experienced firsthand the passion, energy, and empathy of the researchers, patient care teams, and staff as they work together to cure individual patients and end cancer. We are close, incredibly close. But it will take all of our efforts to end cancer by 2025. I believe in that mission and the work of Fred Hutch, and want to do my part."

Seattle Council Member Jason Shinn

Jason Shinn

“I am IN because the Innovator's Network has shown me how a passionate group of individuals can make a difference outside the lab. I want to raise awareness of how this organization helps to create hope and power ground breaking cancer research.”

Advisory Council 

Seattle Council Member Ashley Doran Northup

Ashley Doran Northup

Southdown Yoga 
“My life has been altered more than once when a loved one has lost their battle with cancer, so I want to wipe out this disease. Because I am not a scientist, raising funds to help others find ways to cure and prevent cancer is the best way that I can fight.”

Seattle Council Member Scott Finholm

Scott Finholm

“While I helped start IN because I fell in love with the science, what drives me now is the hope that we can and will beat cancer in our lifetimes.”

Advisory Council Member Andrea Gordon

Andrea Gordon

“While I helped start IN because I fell in love with the science, what drives me now is the hope that we can and will beat cancer in our lifetimes."

Advisory Council Member Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon

Russell Investments 
“I support the Innovators Network for my mom, my uncle, and importantly everyone else's loved ones.”

Advisory Council Member Jeff Heier

Jeff Heier

“Cancer sucks! Having both friends and family impacted by cancer, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines and do nothing about it. Fred Hutch has been a beacon of hope for many, and the pioneers of lifesaving treatment for those with cancer. Working with the Innovators Network and Fred Hutch the last 10+ years has been an absolute honor!”

Advisory Council Member Shelly Heier

Shelly Heier

“Curing cancer is our generation’s moonshot, and I’m honored to be a part of the community supporting the Hutch researchers so dedicated to this cause. The innovation happening right here in Seattle will impact the entire world for generations to come.”

Advisory Council Member Catherine Humbert

Catherine Humbert

United Capital
“Our local support funds cutting edge research right here in Seattle, and these breakthroughs can help save lives around the world. I am proud to support Innovators Network at Fred Hutch.”

Advisory Council Member Amy Hutchinson

Amy Hutchinson

Rwanda Girls Initiative
“I support IN so my friends and family continue to have hope in knowing great research will ultimately find a cure for life threatening diseases.”

Advisory Council Member Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

Wapato Point Management Company
“Supporting IN is a conscientious choice and a way of life that has deep meaning to our family."

Advisory Council Member Elisha Logue

Elisha Logue

iRhythm Technologies
“I support Innovators Network and Fred Hutch because my husband is a cancer survivor who has benefitted from cutting-edge research and treatments.”

Advisory Council Member Matt Logue

Matt Logue

“I support IN and Fred Hutch because I know that the cumulative efforts of a few can save many from the painful memories cancer creates.”

Advisory Council Member Jessica Michel Hagan

Jessica Michel Hagan

“I support the breakthrough research at Fred Hutch because it is a source of inspiration, amazement and hope.”

Advisory Council Member Trevor Nolan

Trevor Nolan

“I joined Innovators Network because I believe it is incredibly important to drive awareness about the importance of philanthropy and cutting-edge research to the next generation of supporters of the Hutch.”

Advisory Council Member Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
"I'm IN because every day the scientists at Fred Hutch are relentlessly working to prevent and treat cancer and HIV/AIDS. Their passion and commitment save lives, drive innovation in health care and inspire hope for a cure."

Advisory Council Member Justine Sands

Justine Sands

“I support Innovators Network because I want to invest in my family’s future. I’ve experience firsthand how someone can be genetically predisposed to the same disease a parent was 20 years ago and have a dramatically different (and positive) outcome because of science and research.”

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