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Support Cancer Research and Help Save Lives

Innovators Network is a group of young professionals committed to saving lives faster by funding innovative early-stage research at Fred Hutch. With your support, promising new projects can launch up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


countries reached by Hutch research and clinical trials

Fred Hutch research and clinical trials span the globe, changing lives in more than 60 countries.


patients receive blood stem cell transplants each year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


freezers full of biological samples make up our “freezer farm”

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


start-up companies have launched thanks to our research

Our research has helped launch more than 35 companies, such as Juno Therapeutics, that are radically changing diagnosis and treatment.

Member Benefits

$1,000 – $2,499


An annual gift of $1,000 or more qualifies you for the following benefits:

  • Meet world-renowned scientists working on breakthrough research.
  • Get regular reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Receive invitations to annual lab tours and exclusive members-only events.
  • Get priority ticketing to IN for the Hutch, our party with a purpose.*
Become an INnovator
$2,500 – $4,999


All INnovator benefits, plus:

  • Have your fundraising minimum waived for first-time participation in Obliteride.**
  • Receive an invitation to the IN for the Hutch VIP reception.
Become an INfluencer


All INfluencer benefits, plus:

  • Get a personalized tour of the Hutch’s Seattle campus, including a meet-and-greet with a researcher.
  • Enjoy priority seating at IN for the Hutch. 
Become an INvestor

President’s Circle INsider

All INvestor benefits, plus:

  • Become a member of President’s Circle, Fred Hutch’s premier giving program.
Become an INsider

Pre-registration before tickets go on sale to the public; once the pre-registration window has passed, priority ticketing can no longer be guaranteed.

**Does not cover registration fee (cost dependent on ride chosen).

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Impact Stories

Stephanie Florence

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

Rebecca Seago-Coyle

Fighting Back

Dr. Andrew Mhyre and his newborn daughter

Hope Through Research

Tori Fairweather

Improving Cancer Care

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

When Stephanie Florence was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 34, her doctors told her it was incurable. “I wouldn’t accept that I was incurable,” Stephanie remembers. She began researching her options.

After years of treatments and relapses, she participated in a Fred Hutch immunotherapy clinical trial that completely wiped out her cancer. The clinical trial “gave me a new lease on life,” Stephanie says. “It’s almost like winning the lottery every day.” 

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Become an IN member today and support innovative, lifesaving cancer research.

Member Roster

  • INsider ($10,000+)
  • INvestor ($5,000+)
  • INfluencer ($2,500+)
  • INnovator ($1,000+)
  • More (2)
INfluencer ($2,500+)
INnovator ($1,000+)

Kathy Alexion and Tim McDonald
Darren and Jamie Alger
Allison A. Blair
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Steve and Jenny Brooks*
The Burkland Family
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Sorelle and Brian Cook
Megan Cosgrove
Quinn W. Cosgrove
Justin and Alexis Erickson
Scott and Amy Finholm*

Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Spencer Guthrie and Anna
     Kawakami Guthrie
Susanne and Scott Guthrie*
Todd and Ashley Harris
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier*
Michael and Rachel Jackson
Anna and Tyler Jones
Nina Kjellson and Sandy Zweifach
Courtney Koster
Sylvia Lee and Glenn Kelman

Steven Liu and Dione Knowles
Todd and Jessica Madison
Bill and Nicole McNichols
Laurie Miyauchi
Kyle and Clara Munson
Alicia E. Nevarez
Amanda and Christopher Nichols
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
Casey and Linnea Oiness
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Harlan and Christina Robins

Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Sid and Teresa Shenai
Jason and Maura Smith
Travis and Jessica Stewart
Jennifer Szeto
Jeff and Carin Towne
Gerry and Kim Tritz
Luis and Colette Ulloa*
Julia White

Innovators Network includes six anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2019.

Jennifer and Robert Adair
Sarah Avery
Zoe Barry
Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
Keith Bolling
Jessica and Peter Bradshaw
Andy and Marissa Braff
Keith and Petra Brakebill
Kirsten Axelsen Carmel and
     David Carmel
Frank Chmielewski
Karen and Norman Chow
Mary C. Clare and Ryan J. Hall
Donna Cochener
Abraham and Leandra Cohen

Neelendu Dey and Nikkita Patel
Jermaine Edwards
Jack Fadule
Peter Faroni
Cory and Adrienne Finnell
Kyle and Jessica Fukuchi
Eric and Claire Greenwood
John Halbakken
Troy and Ewelina Hickey*
Gregory Hotz*
Catherine and Olivier Humbert*
Selena and Jody Jasmer
David and Christy Johnson
Kurt and Mattea Jonson
Andrew Kim

Jeff and Karina Kunins
Jackie and Ryan Lewis
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
Tenneall and Luke Madsen
Alena Meeker
Trevor S. Nolan and Marci J. Nolan
Kevin Pantzar and Heidi Matter
Jeff Park
Doug and Andrea Perry
Scott and Michelle Peyree
Robert H. Pierce and Mai Le
Colin and Ronit Plank
Marina Ponomareva
Scotti Records and Bob Serr
Andrew and Emily Ryan

Justine and Rob Sands
Jenifer A. Sapel and Melvin D. Fry III
Justin and Joanelle Schmidt
Danielle Scott
Mr. Howard I. Shainker
Leon Shaulov
Eliza and Brian Shelden
Eric Shutt
Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen
Justin and Kelli Stewart
Sarah Thornsberry
Jay and Lacey Timpani
Debra Valsamis
Rachal Winger

Innovators Network includes 6 anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2019.

Brian Adams and Adrienne McGill
Christian Anderson and Marina
Charles R. Arnold III
Pramod and Josephine Atluri
Rory and Erika Barrett
Chris and Erica Blais
Milo and Chrissy Braseth
Jeremy and Danae Burger
Eleni Carras
Shay Casady
Tana L. Chmieleski
Simon Peter Clarke and Alice
     Frick Burden
Ryan Cogley
Ryan and Elise Crumpacker
Ryan T. Dahle
Kristin Darby
Brett and Lara Deits
Teresa Devoto
Brenda Ding

Jessica Einfeld
Kim and Mark Faust
Faith L. Flugel
Michael and Meagan Gallagher
Tyler Garcia
Andrew Glandon and Alicia Sullivan
Marissa Goldsmith
Dana and Josh Gribble
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
Jennifer Harper
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Jola and Curtis Jensen
Steven and Melissa Kaptik
Melanie M. Keisor
Frank and Brittany Kim
Matthew Kim
Bhaskar Krishnan
Maureen Lane
Vivan Lau
Carolyne and Tim Livas
Matt and Elisha Logue*

John and Jessica Macintyre
Lisa and James Magnusson
Brian and Malissa Marcinek
Luis Martinez and Julie Lawson
Alex and Kaity Mason
Jessica and John Matlock
Ashley and Joe McCone
Peter and Maggie Moormeier
Kieran Morrill
Lasse Nord and Jennifer Winick
Novotny Family
Patrick O'Callaghan and Dhammika
Tyler and Christine Opp
John and Jill Parsley
Britenae and Matthew Pierce
Nicole and Michael Pratapas
Jennifer and Ryan Pruitt
Chris and Elissa Puckett
Patrick Reddy
Shannon and Ryan Redington

Paige and Ed Rossillo
Andrew Rymer
Maya and Otello Samara
Torben and Amy Severson
Dustin Shelton
Kevin Skillestad
Sergey Smirnov
Albert and Tiffany Squiers
Brooke and Daniel Stabbert
Luke Stroud and Dave Siegfried
Sarah Tait and Mark Kinnish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Torres
Nina Valencia
Monica Wallace
Robert Byron Warnaca and
     Meghan Mead
Edward and Stephanie Werner
Oliver and Caroline Whitehead
Jonathan Whitehouse
Richard Wood and Karen Zehnder-Wood

Innovators Network includes 6 anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2019.

Sanaz Ahari
Siamak Ahari
Ghaith Al Khuzaie
Phil Alfano
Kyle and Charlotte Allan
Craig and Deanne Allegro
Syed and Afshan Altaf
Errik Anderson
Ona Anicello and George Lamson
Anthony Aragon
Mara Arnold
Garrett Bailey
Nicole M. Ball
John Bartkiw
Craig and Amy Beasley
Pascal Beauchesne
Marisa Behnke and Corey Ginsberg
Steven Beigelmacher and Elaine Markham
Gina Belcher
Shannon Benya
Laurel and Nick Berard
Philip and Tara Bergman
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Sarah Bhagat
Melanie Bialis
Roger Bilaous
Karina and Andy Bloom
Marisa Bocci
Charles Borland
Sridhar Boyapati
Philip Bradley
Aoife Brennan
Adam Bristol
Matt Bromley
Lauren and Jeremy Bruck
Blaine and Claire Cameron
Zac and Katrina Campbell
James Campbell-Harris
Carin Canale and Hillary Theakston
Michele and Loris Candiloro
Tamara Canero
Emily Cantrell
Lacey Carlstrom and Sean Erhardt
Michael Carson and Ellen Bronchetti
Ty and Stephanie Carson
Kelly Carter
Katie and Darren Cartwright
Kelly and Tim Cassady
Beethoven and Ana Castillo
Gabriel Cavazos
Dennis Chang
Andrea Chapman
John Chirapurath
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Linda Chou
Hart Cole
Bill Collins
Jed and Kira Collins
Lauren Cordell
Zac and Ashleigh Corker
Kristen Cox
Robert Craven Jr.
Alex Crown
Patrice Cuff
Rahul Culas
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Bao Dang and Elizabeth Diaz
Christopher Daniels
Sarah Daniels
Jonathan David
Casey Davis
Benigne Deprey and Cecile Limborg
Phil Dietrich
Kerrie Doerr
Dr. Aaron Dolle
Dr. Kristina M. Doty
Daniel Dudley
Renee and Riley Dudley
Tom Dugan
Brooke and Brian Dunnigan
Emily Eaton
Leigh Enselman
Melissa Epstein
Angela Estey
Matt Even
Adam and Shannon Fain

Andrew Farnum
Charlie Farra
Cyrus D. Fiene
Jefferson Fletcher 
Nick Fletcher
Dan Foster
Kayleen and Scott Freeborn
Steven and Whitney Freygang
Delong Fu
Sarah Furth
Edward Garmey
Jennifer Garner
Michelle C. Garrison
Filiz Genca and Matt Schnugg
Pardis and Angela Ghorbani
Altagracia Gil
Clay and Mykcal Gilge
Benjamin and Theresa Glatstein
Samuel Glick
Brian Goldman
Amanda Goll, MHA
Emily Goll
Bryon and Elizabeth Gongaware
Laura Goodall
Brad and Sarah Gray
Erin Greenwood
Courtney O. Gregoire
Deanna and Jeff Gregory
Jennifer Griffith and Angela
Martinique Grigg
Patty Grossbard and Tonya Swick
Gabriel and Bonnie Guarente
Kalan and Jennie Guiley
Yatharth Gupta and Neha Agarwal
Jesse Gurgel
Lynda Gusick
Kayley Hall
Hayden Hamilton
Seth Hampton
Samantha and David Happe
Philip and Malia Hardin
Jarman Hauser
Brian and Michelle Hayden
Ashlee Haynes
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Don Henricksen
Hwashing and Samuel Heyworth
Tyler Hightower
Brent and Dulcy Hixson
Jackie and William Hizzey
Fay Hosseini
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hudson
Jeffrey Hunt
Spencer Hurst
Rania Hussein and Hesham Anan
Scott and Amy Hutchinson*
Kyran and Courtney Hynes
Blake and Allison Johnson
Chris Johnson
Jeremey and Cassie Johnson
Mark Johnson
Jon Jones and Sandra Holmes
Nohelani Ka
Srilakshmi Remala Kamdar and
     Viren Kamdar*
Lauren E. Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan
Sally and Paul Kassab
Travis Kay
Nancy and Mitchell Kaye
Wissam and Stephanie Kazan
Jeb Keiper and Sonja Sharpe
Ryan and Megan Keith
Amie and Cory Kellogg
Jason Kettrick
Sopurkh Khalsa
Chris and Ingrid Killian
Gabriella Kiss
Jeff and Michelle Knoll
Dr. Jeffrey C. Knudson and
     Dr. Annie Knudson
Thomas Koch and Courtney
Dave Kolk

Sanjeev and Prabhdyal Kumar
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Andrew C. H. Kwik*
Michael Kwik
Cameron Lamarche
Jenna Larson
Corrie LaVelle Ebel
Leary-Sebo Family
Gregory Leavitt
Mija Lee and Gregory Foxman
Kimberly and Thomas Lengle
Vince and Aarti Leung
Randi Lindstrom
Kyle Lipe
Thomas Loika
Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox and
     Marshall Wilcox
Ellen Lubman
Haidee Luk
Christy Lukes
Roland Maas
David and Amy Maccarrone
Andrew Madderson
April and Chad Madsen
Robert L. Mahaffey
Jeanette and Keith Malek
Thad and Lisa Mallory
Eric and Gwen Manchion
Anant Mansingh
Mark and Amy Masterson
Dave and Laura Matter
Marcia Matthaei
Michael Mattmiller and Jay Petterson
Stephanie McCann
Edward and Isabel McDevitt
Luke Mcilwee
Carryn McLaughlin
Zahra Megji
Aimee Meisgeier
Daniel Milgrom and Kelly James
Jay and Kim Miller
Daniel and Carmalita Monroe
Sean and Joy Mooney
Alex Moore
Enzo Morella and Hilda Ramos
Liz and Clark Mounsey
Joshua Mullen
Bhavya Nag
Ksenia and Matthew Nasielski
Kelly Nelson and Christopher Dou
Michael and Laurie Netzer
Danielle Neuberger
Oleg and Heather Nodelman
Jason Noe
Aaron Nuss
Sean M. O'Brien
Lee O'Connell
Shannon O'Fallon
Julie and Mark Okerstrom
Peter Olagunju
Eric and Amy Olason
Stephanie J. Olmo
Andy and Lindsay Ondrak
Jennifer and Jeff O'Neal
Don O'Sullivan
Frank Palino
Vidhya Kakkayur Pallayil
Kristie Pate
Sean Pattwell
Christa N. Peck
Shanna Peek
Roberto and Neda Perrina
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Jason Phillips and Alyson Phillips
Chris Picardo
Christina Pluta
Corinne Plymate
Christa and Brian Poel
Elizabeth Prescott and Daniel Stetson*
Colin and Brittney Prince
Ken Quinn
Peter Rahmer
Doug Rakel
Stephen Ramirez
Andrew and Virginia Read
Kerryn Reding
Jason and Andrea Riley

Bruce Robinson
Caroline Roe
Heidi Rogers and Lance Pelletier
Brad and Nancy Root
Darren and Cecilia Rozendaal
David Sable
Arjun Sachdev
Sara Sage
Sandy Sanchez
Kate Sarna
Charles Satterfield
Kristin and John Savage
Kira Schreiber
Daniel and Julia Schroeder
Brie and Jake Schwartz
Kohl Serwold
Joseph Sheldon
Ann Shi
Jason J. Shinn
Tyler and Kellie Sholdt
Joshua and Dana Showers
Anav G. Silverman and Travis G. Olson
Elliot and Lauren Silvers
Heidi Simmons
Ruchita Sinha
Nicholas and Jaclyn Siska
Deaidra Smith
Lauren Smith
Kelly and Brian Soligon
Mr. John Spivey
Amber Sprague
Brewster Stanislaw
Robert Stoumbos
Katrina Strand and Jarrad Harford
Julie Straub-Barreto and Matt Barreto
Amy Strok
Garrett Stroud and Haily Swinger
Logan and Carrie Stroud
Michelle Strub
David Stryzewski
Johnny and Sophia Sun
Senthil Sundaram
Libby and Tj Sundgren
Nicole Suyehira
Kyle and Emi Suzuki
Bjorn Swan
Drew and Leslie Swanson
Nikki Tallman
A Tang
Semih Tareen
Paul Teng and Catherine Hsieh
Jaganathan Thangavelu and Thulasi
Amy Thayer
Keith and Carey Thoene
Tina Thomas
James Tierney
Luke D. Timmerman and
     Tracy B. Cutchlow
Andrew and Shana Tischaefer
Anthony and Kimberly Todaro
Andrea M.H. Towlerton
Laurel and Darren Trautmann
Aaron Tsai
Alex Turner
Matthew and Amy Ulrickson
Richard Van Doren
Jennifer and Ryan Vehrs
Liz Wagner
Andy Walker
Myron and Liz Wan
Jaime and Adam Weber
Jon Weinstein
Joshua and Jaye Weisbrod
Kurt Weiss
Noam Weiss
Stacey and Joe Welsh
Joshua White
Sean and Jessica Whitsitt
Ashley Woller
Jennifer Wroblewski
Jeff Wunderlich
Kari Wuotila
Ziqi Xu
Nathan Young
Chen and Grace Yu
Elana and Josh Zana

Innovators Network includes 6 anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2019.

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