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Innovators Network (IN) is a community of next-generation doers committed to fueling an end to cancer and related diseases in their lifetime. IN members give, volunteer, fundraise and rally their personal networks to advance cutting-edge research and compassionate care. Through collective energy and generosity, promising new projects can launch up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


countries reached by Hutch research

Fred Hutch research and clinical trials span the globe, changing lives in more than 60 countries.


blood stem cell transplants per year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


biological sample freezers

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


start-up companies launched

Our research has helped launch more than 45 companies, such as Adaptive Biotechnologies, that are radically changing diagnosis and treatment.

Member Benefits

Please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all in-person benefits are possible at this time.

  • Invitations to events and the opportunity to meet world-renowned scientists working on breakthrough research.
  • Regular e-news and reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Recognition of your generosity listed online.
  • Invitations to Fred Hutch fundraising events, including IN for the Hutch, our annual party with a purpose.
  • The knowledge that your support is propelling innovative ideas into transformative treatments. 

Impact Stories

Stephanie Florence

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

Rebecca Seago-Coyle

Fighting Back

Dr. Andrew Mhyre and his newborn daughter

Hope Through Research

Tori Fairweather

Improving Cancer Care

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

When Stephanie Florence was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 34, her doctors told her it was incurable. “I wouldn’t accept that I was incurable,” Stephanie remembers. She began researching her options.

After years of treatments and relapses, she participated in a Fred Hutch immunotherapy clinical trial that completely wiped out her cancer. The clinical trial “gave me a new lease on life,” Stephanie says. “It’s almost like winning the lottery every day.” 

Innovators Network Gallery

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Member Roster

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A - E

Ted Abbinanti
Robin Abraham and Deepa Thomas
Vineeta Agarwala
Hilarie Aitken
Amy Alexander
Austin Amundson
Christian and Marina Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Caleb Andres and Derek Berndt
Trevor Andrews
Almeera Anwar and Erik Boisen
Zenna Arab
Todd Argent
William and Cassandra Arora
Nima Asgharbeygi
Lauren Asher
Kimberley Aslakson
Helen Au-Svendsen
David Azose*
Maynard Azose
Katie Babbili
Jack Baker

Keri Balmer*
Anthony and Jessica Bastone
Robert Batey
Marisa Behnke and Corey Ginsberg
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Charles Borland
Lonnie Bosak
Owen Bratton
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Michele L. Brooks
Steve and Jenny Brooks*
Ryan Brown
Paul and Morgan Buckley
Dan Budwick
Lisa Bunts and Brian VanGalder
Jeremy and Danae Burger
The Burkland Family
David Burnett
Wesley Burns
Chris Burris
Alexander Busch
Benjamin Butler

Liza Cahn and Gary Linscott
Blaine and Claire Cameron
Tamara Canero
Lacey Carlstrom and Sean Erhardt
Nick Cesarek
Bri Casner
Frank Catrickes
Michael Chang
Andrew Chapin
Adam Cheer
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Andrew Choquette
Charlie and Erin Chung*
Kelly A. Ciotti
Simon Peter Clarke and
     Alice Frick Burden
Carol Colby
Scott and Brooklin Collins
Carly Burns and Kevin Cook
Jacob Cooper
Megan Cosgrove

Quinn Cosgrove
Cody Creighton
Chad Cressman
Robert Cuningham
Ryan T. Dahle
Christopher Daniels
Douglas DeAndrea
Brett and Lara Deits
Peter Demong
Jaclyn Deveau
Elizabeth Donaldson
Richard Donelson
Zhao Dong
Renee and Riley Dudley
Badreddin Edris
Joshua Edwards
Richard and Janet Eichler
Catherine Elliott
Allie Ello
David and Margaret Enslow
Justin and Alexis Erickson

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2022.

F - M

Peter Faroni
Cyrus D. Fiene
Scott and Amy Finholm*
Laura Finster
Michael Fisher
Faith L. Flugel
Keith Foe
Christopher Ford
Trevor Forsell
Austin Foster
Aaron Frease
Robert Frease
Steven and Whitney Freygang
Richard Fukutome
Phil and Lisa Gafken
Dhruv Gakkhar
Matt and Shanti Garman
Adam Garren
TJ Gerber
Ira and Courtney Gerlich
Lauren Gernhardt
Anna Gilbert
Clay and Mykcal Gilge
Michael Gladstone
Benjamin and Theresa Glatstein
Rebekah Goad
Bryon and Elizabeth Gongaware
Christopher Gonterman
Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Tonia and Jay Goyal
Vikas Goyal
Julie Grant
Erin Gray
Brad and Sarah Gray
Jordan Green
Eric and Claire Greenwood
Kalan and Jennie Guiley
Hailey Gullstad
Divakar Gupta
Franco De Guzman
Kelly Haas
Laura Hakken

Kendra Hall and Gregory Pyle
Kevin and Andria Hambly
John Hanna
Elliott Harris
Benjamin K. Harris
Tricia Hartlage
Evan Harwood
Andy and Anna Havens
Bethany Heerspink
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier*
Mason and Shelley Helms
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Samuel Hering
Allison Herzog
Sarah Herzog
Benjamin Hindson
Jackie and William Hizzey
Jerry Hoak
Chandler and Kimberly Holbrook
Peter Hornyack
Gregory Hotz*
Grace Huber
Ryan and Sherry Huettl
Trevor and Donabelle Huffmaster
Spencer Hurst
Ian Hutchinson
Scott and Amy Hutchinson*
Taryn Imamura
Ben Jamison
Lauren Jensen
Chris Jeuell
Jalen Johansen
David and Christy Johnson
Mark Johnson
Jon Jones and Sandra Holmes
Nicholas Jones
Tyler Jordan
Nichole Joyner
Katie Kabler
Nathan Kadish
Vijay Karunamurthy

Wissam and Stephanie Kazan
Amber Keen
Melanie M. Keisor
Amie and Cory Kellogg
Susan and Brice Keown
Clara Kerrone
Ghaith Al Khuzaie
Chris Killian
Brian Kim
Leigh Kinnish
Sarah Klehm
Luke Klemens
Jeff and Michelle Knoll
Jochen Koedijk
Zachary Koehne
Danielle Konikow
Courtney Koster
Rahul Kumar and Vasundhara Jain
Jeff and Karina Kunins
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Cameron Lamarche
John Lamattina
Kelsey Lamoureux
David and Pamela Lander
Maureen Lane
Samantha and Duncan Levin
Denny Lee and Hua-Ping Yang
Mija Lee and Gregory Foxman
Scott Lendzion
Elliot and Jillian Lewis
Ge Li
Lacey and Jake Libbey
Leonard Lin
Ashley Lochen
Shane Logan
Sau Ming Loh and Yi Chen Wang
Thomas Loika
Adam Loo
Paul Luber
Hoven Lui
Greg Lyon

Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
Roland Maas
Christy Macias
Ariyo Mackay
Oliver Madayag
Todd and Jessica Madison
Tenneall and Luke Madsen
Lisa and James Magnusson
Iliyan Malchev
Jessica and John Matlock
Taggart Matthiesen
Ryan and Sara Maxwell*
Shelby Maxwell
Brendan Mcaleer
Cameron Mccarthy
Angela Mcgee
Carryn McLaughlin
Kyle McLaughlin
Alena Meeker
Michael Meggyesy
Zahra Megji
Marrissa Mehwald
Robert Mellon
Jennifer Mendeck
Christina Merritt
Joshua Messer
William Meyer
Jason Miller
Josh Miller
Mike Milligan
Laurie Miyauchi
Avi Mizrahi
Madison Molitor
Joe Monforton
Claire Monsaas
Alex Moore
Kyle Moore
April Morse
Joseph Motto
Eric Mozilo
Drs. Andrew and Corlyne Mulder

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2022.

N - S

Mark Naismith
Sara Nayeem
Jack Nebel
Max Nelson
Nicole Nguyen
Peter Norman
Fred Northup, Jr. and
     Ashley Northup
Novotny Family
Yolanda Odoom
Shannon O'Fallon
Rebecca Olson
Brandon Paddock
Suresh Palani
Kevin Pantzar and Heidi Matter
Irene Parkhill
Gil Parra
Kristie Pate
Owen and Angela Pearson
Heidi and Lance Pelletier
William Peteroy
Tom and Kate Peters

Kemp C. Peterson and
     Leslie J. Mallinger
Kate Pettit
Scott and Michelle Peyree
Chris Picardo
Zachariah Pipkin
Katie Pistello
Rhiannon Prim
Evan Pulse
Sumit Raina
Shilpa Ranganathan
Rob Rask
Kyle Reddick
Shannon and Ryan Redington
Peter Reinhardt
Julia Reisler
Laurel and Jeffrey Reitman
Harlan and Christina Robins
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Grace and Mark Rosasco
Nora Rotunda
Darren and Cecilia Rozendaal

Emily Russell
Andrew and Emily Ryan
Regina Salvat
Ryan Sansom
Lily Sarafan
Charles Satterfield
Steven Saunders
Kristin and John Savage
Nathan Schauermann
Bryce Scheffler
Brie and Jake Schwartz
Danielle Scott
Shanna Scott
Matthew Seguin
Vahan and Jacquelyn Senekerimyan
Kohl Serwold
Torben and Amy Severson
Sudhir Shah
Eliza and Brian Shelden
Anna and Zach Sherwood
Eric Shutt
Joseph and Christina Siders

Alison Silva
Anav G. Silverman and
     Travis G. Olson
Janine and Jerry Skaga
Kenzie Smith
Korwin and Kelly Smith
Lauren Smith
Mollie Snorsky
Shane Sobotka
Heidi Speight
Justin Speyer
Mr. John Spivey
Albert and Tiffany Squiers
Amy Steele
Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen
Laura Stevenson
Lindsay Stotz
Eugene Suh
John Suliman
Lindsey Summers
Senthil Sundaram
Hebah Sweis

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2022.

T - Z

Nikki Tallman
Paul Teng and Catherine Hsieh
Meagan Terpening
Matthew Terry
Justin Thenutai
Nathan Thorpe
Brian and Cathee Till
Andrew and Shana Tischaefer
Andrea M.H. Towlerton
Brian Towne
Brett and Dana Toy
Joshua, Stephanie, and
     David Trachtenberg

Laurel and Darren Trautmann
William Trepp
Sean Tufts
Luis and Colette Ulloa*
Sarah Urbanski
Buskirk Van Buskirk
Jenna Vanderzee
Jason Vendramin
Francois Vigneault
Arian Vinca
Ilya Volodarsky

Virginie and Paul Volpe
Sam Walker
Taylor Walker
Megan Walla
George and Gegi Ward
Shannon Warner
Jaime and Adam Weber
Camay Wells
Stacey and Joe Welsh
Thomas White
Oliver and Caroline Whitehead

Sean and Jessica Whitsitt
Brian Wishan
Athena Wunderlich
Elana and Josh Zana
Eric Zellner
Xiaotong Zhou
Tracie Ziegler and
     Christopher Ramrattan
Michael Zulauf
Andrew Zuraw

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.
*Charter member
Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2022.

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