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Support Cancer Research and Help Save Lives

Innovators Network is a group of young professionals committed to saving lives faster by funding innovative early-stage research at Fred Hutch. With your support, promising new projects can launch up to six times faster than research funded by government grants alone.


countries reached by Hutch research and clinical trials

Fred Hutch research and clinical trials span the globe, changing lives in more than 60 countries.


patients receive blood stem cell transplants each year

More than 50,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cell transplants annually, all tracing back to the Hutch’s pioneering work.


freezers full of biological samples make up our “freezer farm”

More than 1,000 freezers full of biological samples occupy Fred Hutch’s “freezer farm,” overseen 24/7 by facilities engineers.


start-up companies have launched thanks to our research

Our research has helped launch more than 35 companies, such as Juno Therapeutics, that are radically changing diagnosis and treatment.

Member Benefits

Please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all in-person benefits are possible at this time.

$1,000 – $2,499


An annual gift of $1,000 or more qualifies you for the following benefits:

  • Meet world-renowned scientists working on breakthrough research.
  • Get regular reports about the impact of your investment.
  • Receive invitations to annual lab tours and exclusive members-only events.
  • Get priority ticketing to IN for the Hutch, our party with a purpose.*
Become an INnovator
$2,500 – $4,999


All INnovator benefits, plus:

  • Have your fundraising minimum waived for first-time participation in Obliteride.**
  • Receive an invitation to the IN for the Hutch VIP reception.
Become an INfluencer


All INfluencer benefits, plus:

  • Get a personalized tour of the Hutch’s Seattle campus, including a meet-and-greet with a researcher.
  • Enjoy priority seating at IN for the Hutch. 
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President’s Circle INsider

All INvestor benefits, plus:

  • Become a member of President’s Circle, Fred Hutch’s premier giving program.
Become an INsider

Pre-registration before tickets go on sale to the public; once the pre-registration window has passed, priority ticketing can no longer be guaranteed.

**Does not cover registration fee (cost dependent on ride chosen).

Impact Stories

Stephanie Florence

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

Rebecca Seago-Coyle

Fighting Back

Dr. Andrew Mhyre and his newborn daughter

Hope Through Research

Tori Fairweather

Improving Cancer Care

Tackling “Incurable” Cancer

When Stephanie Florence was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 34, her doctors told her it was incurable. “I wouldn’t accept that I was incurable,” Stephanie remembers. She began researching her options.

After years of treatments and relapses, she participated in a Fred Hutch immunotherapy clinical trial that completely wiped out her cancer. The clinical trial “gave me a new lease on life,” Stephanie says. “It’s almost like winning the lottery every day.” 

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Member Roster

  • INsider ($10,000+)
  • INvestor ($5,000+)
  • INfluencer ($2,500+)
  • INnovator ($1,000+)
  • More (2)
INfluencer ($2,500+)
INnovator ($1,000+)

David Abbott
Robin Abraham and Deepa Thomas
William and Cassandra Arora
Julie Straub-Barreto and Matt Barreto
Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
The Burkland Family
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Donna Cochener
Sorelle and Brian Cook
Megan Cosgrove
Quinn W. Cosgrove

Justin and Alexis Erickson
Faith L. Flugel
Douglas and Andrea Gordon *
Jennifer Griffith and Angela
Brian Haas
John and Elena Harnish
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier *
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Michael and Rachel Jackson
Anna and Tyler Jones

April Knight
Courtney Koster
Mary Lynch
Todd and Jessica Madison
Dave and Laura Matter
Carryn McLaughlin
Laurie Miyauchi
Kyle and Clara Munson
Tami and Mark Netherland
Amanda and Christopher Nichols

Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Harlan and Christina Robins
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Joseph and Christina Siders
Sid and Teresa Shenai
Travis and Jessica Stewart
Matt and Kirsty Taddy
Jay and Lacey Timpani
Jeff and Carin Towne

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2020.

Brian and Adrienne Adams
Darren and Jamie Alger
Caleb Andres and Derek Berndt
Charles R. Arnold III
Megan and Kenton Barker
Keith and Petra Brakebill
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Steve and Jenny Brooks*
David and Shelby Cantu
Eleni Carras
Jorge Chavez
Beth and Naveen Chopra
Jack Fadule

Craig Fratrik
Ira Gerlich and Courtney Chatalas
Yoav and Adi Gilat
Casey and Shannon Granston
Brad and Sarah Gray
Jennifer Haffner and Cam McVie
Benjamin K. Harris
Tyler and Olesya Hay
Deborah Heller
Gregory Hotz*
Catherine and Olivier Humbert*
Scott and Amy Hutchinson*
Nathan and Melissa Ingersoll

Prateek Jetly and Navjot Virk
David and Christy Johnson
Daigo Katagiri
Melanie M. Keisor
Ben Krasnow
Jeff and Karina Kunins
Steven Liu and Dione Knowles
Thad and Lisa Mallory
Alena Meeker
Pooja and Sarthak Mishra
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
Casey and Linnea Oiness

Joseph Parrish
Tom and Kate Peters
Joseph and Michelle Razore
Shannon and Ryan Redington
Laurel and Jeffrey Reitman
Andrew and Emily Ryan
Nimesh and Anne Shah
Albert and Tiffany Squiers
Sarah Tait and Mark Kinnish
Brian Towne
Luis and Colette Ulloa*
Ian and Paige Wilson

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2020.

Christian Anderson and
    Marina Ponomareva
Karen T. Balek
Brittany Becker
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Mr. Joshua A. Best
Karina and Andy Bloom
Chris and John Brandenfels
Chris Carollo and Katherine Hollenbaugh
Katie and Darren Cartwright
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Mr. Jeffrey H. Cirillo
Megan and Matthew Condon
Lyla Cravero
Chris Crome
Yamini Dalal
Brett and Lara Deits
Richard Donelson
Brooke and Brian Dunnigan
Heideh Eftehari
Jennifer Fang
Kim and Mark Faust
Jordan Flowers

Margo Fraker
Steven and Whitney Freygang
Kyle and Jessica Fukuchi
Bryon and Elizabeth Gongaware
David and Dianna Gonzales
Spencer Guthrie and Anna Kawakami     Guthrie
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
John Hanna
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Jackie and William Hizzey
Michelle Howard
Ryan and Sherry Huettl
Jola and Curtis Jensen
Heidi and Marty Juergens
Wissam and Stephanie Kazan
Chris and Ingrid Killian
Andrew Kim
Dr. Susan S. Kim, DDS and Steve Cho
Michele and Jacob Klika
Michelle and Bryan Kulp
Maureen Lane

Corrie LaVelle Ebel
Matt and Elisha Logue*
Joe and Julie Lynch
John and Jessica Macintyre
Lisa and James Magnusson
Jessica and John Matlock
Michael Mattmiller and Jay Petterson
Christian and Hailey Mattson
Sallie Mcadoo and Steven Aldridge
Jessica Meng
Kieran Morrill
Chris and Ashley Nardiello
Gail Olson-Laing and Mike Laing
Christian and Kristin O'Meara
Tyler and Christine Opp
Vernon Padgett
Kevin Pantzar and Heidi Matter
Colin and Brittney Prince
Lisa and Bentley Pugh
Dave and Elisa Ross
Terry Schramm

Kristi and John Schumacher
Danielle Scott
Torben and Amy Severson
Ravishankar Shanmugam
Mark and Susan Shapiro
Eliza and Brian Shelden
Jason J. Shinn
Tyler and Kellie Sholdt
Anav G. Silverman and Travis G. Olson
James Slater
Brett and Kristina Stenmoe
Justin and Kelli Stewart
Alyssa and William Sunderland
Gulliver and Waverly Swenson
Robby and Kylee Tonkin
Alex Turner
Robert von Bereghy
Monica Wallace
Amy Whaley
Oliver and Caroline Whitehead
Christian Wilson

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2020.

Jennifer and Robert Adair
Sanaz Ahari
Siamak Ahari
Ghaith Al Khuzaie
Nicole and Michael Alex
Kathy Alexion and Tim McDonald
Phil Alfano
Lain Anderson
Daryl Anselmo
Almeera Anwar and Erik Boison
Jay B. Ashberg
David and Alison Ashmead
Kimberley Aslakson
Geoff and Catherine Austin
John Baker and Amy March
Keri Balmer
Paul and Colleen Barbano
John Bartkiw
Anthony and Jessica Bastone
Pj Bauser
Pascal Beauchesne
Marisa Behnke and Corey Ginsberg
Carrie Bennette
Mari and Chris Bentvelzen
John Bergquist and Brandy Brown     Bergquist
Scott and Jordana Bluestein
Darren Bonetti
Jeremy Bong
Charles Borland
Andy and Marissa Braff
Mr. Rob Brotherton
Ivan Brugiolo
Travis Bryan
Lisa Bunts and Brian VanGalder
Douglas Bushell
Kim Callahan and Nick Steier
Tamara Canero
Brian and Mackenzie Canlis
Jarred and Bree Chamberlain
Katie Chambers and Ian Arnold
Dennis Chang
Christina Chow
Charlie Chung
Kelly A. Ciotti
Simon Peter Clarke and Alice Frick Burden
Scott and Brooklin Collins
Colin and Sasha Correnti
Robert Craven Jr.
Cody Creighton
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Jonathan and Christine D'Amato
Maria D'Angelo
Amy and Jim Dantzler
Paige Davis
Eric and Amelia DeBoer
Brian Dewey
Bradley S. Dillon
Angela DiRe and Jason Morrow
Juliet Disparte
Chad and Kristin Dodd
Chelsea Dodds
Kerrie Doerr
Dr. Aaron Dolle
Dr. Kristina M. Doty
Stephanie and Dave Downey
Yuxian Du
Michael and Erinn Dubovick
Tom Dugan

Alexis and Ryan Dwyer
Patrick and Tara Egan
Benjamin Eickhoff
Jessica Einfeld
Jayan Eledath and Kartika Shree
Amy Ellis
Callie Enlow
John and Penelope Eversole
Cyrus D. Fiene
Scott and Amy Finholm*
Jefferson Fletcher
Dan Foster
Ingrid Foster
Paul Galle
Gabe and Brittany Garcia
Joe Geraghty and Lesli Sager
Cyrus Ghajar and Caitlin Jones Ghajar
Clay and Mykcal Gilge
Aviel Ginzburg
Emily Goll
Christopher Gonterman
Kevin Gordinier
Tonia and Jay Goyal
Eric and Claire Greenwood
Deanna and Jeff Gregory
Kalan and Jennie Guiley
Lynda Gusick
Kendra Hall and Gregory Pyle
Kevin and Andria Hambly
Amber Hardwick
Stacy and Scott Harris
Kevin and Bobbi Harrison
Jarman Hauser
Holly Hauskins
Andy and Anna Havens
Robert and Jenn Heintz
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Matthew Hiranaka
Chandler and Kimberly Holbrook
Alex Horton
Joshua Horton
Barton and Ashley Housman
Sara Howell
Phil and Sarah Hughes
Rania Hussein and Hesham Anan
Steven Ishmael
Rachel Issaka
Jennifer Jack
Timothy Jansen
Jola and Curtis Jensen
Chris Jeuell
Jeremey and Cassie Johnson
Mark Johnson
Jon Jones and Sandra Holmes
Kurt and Mattea Jonson
Brian Joseph
Matthew L. Kahn
Lauren E. Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan
Sarah Kaufmann-Fink and John Lee
Heather Keane
Ryan and Megan Keith
Amie and Cory Kellogg
Brian and Keeley Kennett
David and Samantha Kereiakes
Aaron Kerson
Katherine and Sean Killeen
Matthew Kim

Sam and Jenn King
Leigh Kinnish
Zachary Koehne
Dave Kolk
Kyle and Cindy Kruse
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Andrew C. H. Kwik*
Joseph Laland
Molly Lallemand
Cameron Lamarche
David and Pamela Lander
Rebecca Langham
Dan Lantz
Denny Lee and Hua-Ping Yang
Jay Lee and Yoon Yi
Shannon Lee
Nicole and Matthew Lester
Merry Lewis
Alan Liu
Susan Loh
Thomas Loika
Vivian Long
Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox and Marshall     Wilcox
Scott Ludwig and Valerie Horvath
Haidee Luk-Memme
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
Roland Maas
Phillip and Anita Maasen
Shawn and Kate Macfarlan
Jessica Mach
Eric and Gwen Manchion
Stephanie McCann
Kyle McLaughlin
Steven and Kelley McLees
Lindsey and James McReynolds
Zahra Megji
Marc Mendonca
Daniel Milgrom and Kelly James
Doug and Angel Miller
Mary Minoo
Avi Mizrahi
Alex Moore
Dan C. Morales
Katrika Morris
Sarah Morris
Neema Mostafavi
Drs. Andrew and Corlyne Mulder
Courtney Mulligan
Victor Ni
Melanie Notari
Shannon O'Fallon
Alexander Oki
Stephanie J. Olmo
William and Piper O'Neill
Matt Otto
Brandon Paddock
Frank and Crystal Palino
Amanda Papaefstathiou
Kristie Pate
Nate and Kate Pearson
Farish and Spencer Perlman
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Kemp C. Peterson and Leslie J. Mallinger
Steven Petrie
Justin Pickens
Zach Pieper and Emily Wiltzius
Jordan and Jenn Plapinger
Christa and Brian Poel

Mr. Joseph Polito
Jessica and Jeffrey Powers
Matt and Melina Prissel
Sumit Raina
Diana Birkett Rakow and Jeff Rakow
Stephen Ramirez
Shilpa Ranganathan
Alex Rawson
Allison Reed
Jason Rittereiser
Mikhail Rodriguez
Scott Rogers
Adam and Dana Rohde
Natalie Rossignol
Birgit Saalfeld
Darrell Sanders
Bhrighu Sareen
Kate Sarna
Charles Satterfield
Melissa and Steve Saunders
Uciane Scarlett
Leah Schneider and Jordan Wagner
Daniel and Julia Schroeder
Casey and Allison Schuchart
Kurt and Kylee Shintaffer
Pamela Shrauger
Heidi Simmons
Dominic Smargiassi
Justin Smith
Lauren Smith
Sangeetha Srinivasan and Arvind     Subramaniam
Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen
Jake and Tanya Stewart
Ryan Stoutt
Stephen and Kristin Strange
Luke Stroud and Dave Siegfried
Senthil Sundaram
Libby and TJ Sundgren
Desney Tan
Tina Thomas
Luke D. Timmerman and Tracy B. Cutchlow
Anthony and Kimberly Todaro
Lee Travis and Candice Jackson
Casey T. Trees and Karly Trees
Aaron Tsai
Holly and Anthony Valentino
Sandy Van
Jennifer and Ryan Vehrs
Khalid and Natasha Verjee
Liz Wagner
Kristen Waldron
Joe Wallace and Sidnei Resende
Kevin and Ingrid Walshe
Myron and Liz Wan
Mr. Joel A. Watson and Ms. Jude Nash
Jaime and Adam Weber
Mike Welch
Camille Williams-Ginsberg
Alison Wingfield
Lasse Nord and Jennifer Winick
Claire Wolf
Deborah and Christopher Wolfe
Ashley Woller
Justin and Catherine Wright
Marcus Wurster
Elana and Josh Zana
Yong Zhou and Douglas Wang
Ryan Zieg

Innovators Network includes four anonymous donors.

*Charter member

Member roster is up to date as of June 30, 2020.

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