Timid Ideas Won't Change the World

fearless science

Fred Hutch researchers are pushing the limits of science to stop cancer, COVID-19, and other infectious diseases. From frontline work in immunotherapy and data science to breakthroughs in cell biology, we’re meeting the urgency of our mission with big ideas and brilliant doers wired for risk.

See what fearless science means – and why we need you.

It Takes All of Us to Save Lives

Hutch researchers are unlocking the secrets of data, harnessing our immune system, and digging deep into the function of our very cells to halt cancer, COVID, and other infectious diseases.

Our work saves lives. But we can’t do it without your support. Right now, our fiercest challenge is hope that stops short of action. The world is counting on fearless science — and fearless science is counting on you. We invite you to take action. Support Fred Hutch today.

Fearless Science in Action


Fearless Science is ...

Meet Hutch researchers taking bold approaches to solving hard problems, doing what’s never been done, and pioneering new ways of working. 

Genetic Spark

High-tech solves 'real mystery' in cancer

Our researcher showed how one commonly mutated gene drives cancer growth and how, potentially, to counteract it.

Bold Generation

'Everything we've been training for is happening'

Early-career virologists dropped everything to seize the opportunity, and face the challenges, of studying the coronavirus.

Getting Creative

Keeping crucial clinical trials going

Researchers and administrators are bringing resilience and ingenuity to their efforts – and keeping clinical trials on track during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last Modified, January 11, 2021