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fearless science

Fearless science means taking risks. Learning from every failure. Running toward impossible problems. That’s what our researchers do every day to end the suffering caused by cancer and infectious disease. From making basic discoveries to engineering cancer-curing cells, our fearless scientists are driving progress toward cures.

Photo of Dr. Trang VoPham

“I believe that through deeper understanding, we can do better. We don’t want to extend survival for a couple of months — we want to cure these diseases.

Dr. Sita Kugel, Pancreatic Cancer Researcher

“A metabolite being elevated or suppressed could mean either that it is very important or very unimportant.

Dr. Lucas Sullivan, Molecular Biologist

“We're really interested in identifying the 80% of people who don't respond to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapies and finding new ways to help them.”

Dr. McGarry Houghton, Lung Cancer Researcher    

“In medicine, there should be an ongoing assessment of risk and benefit. If you don’t know your long-term risks, you don’t know how reasonable it is to accept that short-term benefit.

Dr. Mazyar Shadman, Immunotherapy Researcher

It Takes All of Us to Save Lives

Hutch researchers are unlocking the secrets of data, harnessing our immune system, and digging deep into the function of our very cells to halt cancer, COVID, and other diseases.

Our work saves lives. But we can’t do it without your support. The world is counting on fearless science — and fearless science is counting on you. We invite you to take action. Support Fred Hutch today.

See what fearless science means—and why we need you.

Fearless Science in the News

A miniature scene with broccoli trees.


Cancer-busting broccoli sprout pills? It’s a thing. This ‘green chemoprevention’ research extends from eastern China to Seattle and now, into space.

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Matthias Stephan in his lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington.


Partnerships with biotech, pharmaceutical companies and venture capital firms are speeding development of innovative diagnostics and therapies and cures.

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A blocky stylized illustration of a lab featuring elements like dna, test tubes and a microscope.


Some human genes have doppelgängers, which cancer cells exploit. But we’re turning gene twins to our advantage to study cancer and find new drug targets.

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Racial bias in cancer care is killing people. Our health disparities researchers, providers and educators are working to dismantle structural bias against Black patients.

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Fearless Science in Action

These videos share challenges, successes and survival; and are available thanks to our generous supporters.

SciFi Science

Patient Zero

Bone Marrow Transplant

Making Society Better

I am a Cancer Survivor

Why We Give

Featured Researchers
HERO IMAGE: Drs. Trang VoPham, Jhimmy Talbot, Rachel Ceballos, Mazyar Shadman and Brian Till.
TAKE ACTION FOR SCIENCE: Drs. Brian Till (left), Abir Arfaoui (top right) and Lucas Sullivan (botttom right).

Photos by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch

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