Specimen Processing Services

Processing Biospecimens in Research

Our specimen processing team offers a range of services for processing and storing small-volume biospecimens. We offer dedicated laboratory support for large, population-based studies, with a strong emphasis on quality control. Our services include the development and validation of processes for specimen analysis; processing blood, urine, buccal and peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples; and data entry and quality assurance. We have a standard operating procedure for most of the sample types we process, and we can adapt our SOPs to suit your needs or use your SOP. 

Schedule With Us

To schedule specimen processing services, or to get more information about how we can work with you, view our rates and scheduling page. 

Please note that all orders must be accompanied by a purchase order number or notification of the intent to pay via credit card (contact Shared Resources Billing for credit card payment set up).  If you have not provided such information by the date of shipment, your order may be delayed.

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