Preclinical Modeling

Advancing Research with Mouse Models 

The Preclinical Modeling shared resource at Fred Hutch is a core that supports the development and maintenance of preclinical mouse models, including patient-derived xenografts (PDX), cell-line xenografts and genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM). We work with investigators in the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium and other institutions to enable preclinical research on cancer and other diseases.

Research Technician Elizabeth Cromwell works in the PMCL Shared Resource PDX program.

World-Class PDX Services

Our PDX experts have created xenograft models of dozens of cancers, including Merkel cell carcinoma and cancers of the liver, bladder, lung and pancreas, on behalf of investigators across Seattle and beyond. The NSG and NSG hprt-null breeding colony we maintain guarantees mice are always available for PDX implants, and we’ve performed more than 2,000 xenograft surgeries since 2016.

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Areum Yoon works in the PMCL Shared Resource GEMM program.

Cutting-Edge Genome Engineering

Our GEMM team designs, produces and maintains transgenic and gene-edited mice in partnership with investigators pursuing a variety of research questions. Our high editing efficiency — up to 100% of live-born pups in our projects exhibit successful gene targeting — is testament to our expertise in CRISPR/Cas9 and other state-of-the-art genome engineering technologies.

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Our Team at Work

The comprehensive, specialized services provided to investigators by the experts on our PDX and GEMM teams begin with experimental consultation, followed by sourcing, generation or resuscitation of models, animal care, regulatory support, dosing and sample collection support, tissue banking and more.


PDX Models Created
We’ve developed dozens of xenograft models from primary patient samples.


PDX Models Revived and Propagated
We’ve revived and propagated many strains from third-party source models.


GEMMs Developed
We've created more than half a dozen models in the first few months of our GEMM services.


Months for Knockout
It takes us eight weeks or less to produce transgenic pups bearing knockout mutations.


Successful sperm cryopreservation of >85 unique mouse strains.

How to Reach Us

Dr. Priti Singh

Dr. Priti Singh

Director, GEMM Scientist, Preclinical Modeling shared resource
Phone: 206.667.6745
Work Location: CD-116
Elizabeth Cromwell

Elizabeth Cromwell

PDX Lead Technician
Phone: 206.667.4176
Work Location: CD-115