IIRC Video Archive

Dr. David Maloney is the medical director for cellular immunotherapy at Fred Hutch and the Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic.

Dr. Phil Greenberg is the head of the Fred Hutch Program in Immunology. In this video, he says we can make T cells see tumors better, kill tumors better, and then persist and eradicate tumors better.
Dr. Aude Chapuis is an immunotherapy researcher at Fred Hutch. She is exploring new targets for T-cell therapy and crafting T-cell receptors that enable immune cells to fight cancer.

Dr. Paul Nghiem explains how his team uses immunotherapy to combat Merkel cell carcinoma. Nghiem is an affiliate investigator in Fred Hutch’s Clinical Research Division, co-leader of the Hutch’s Pathogen-Associated Malignancies IRC focusing on clinical efforts, head of Dermatology at the University of Washington and director of the Skin Oncology Clinical Program.

Dr. Stan Riddell and colleagues are making significant strides in T-cell therapy for cancer, and they are continuing to explore new ways to use the human immune system to overcome cancer and other diseases.
Dr. Seth Pollack, an oncologist who specializes in sarcoma, explains in this video that immunotherapy has the power to recognize cancer and kill it with relatively little toxicity.
Dr. Mac Cheever, director of the Hutch-based Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network, describes in this video how his team is testing what he believes will become the dominant form of cancer therapy.
Dr. Sylvia Lee is an expert in a form of T-cell therapy for cancer called tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy.
Dr. Stan Riddell is interviewed in this video by Comcast News Center about what we learned from bone marrow transplantation about the immune system and how that led to our work in immunotherapy.