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Education and Training Resources

Resources for Students, Prospective Trainees, and Educators

We have a variety of education and training resources for students, prospective trainees, and educators, including science education curriculum, virtual fieldtrips in Fred Hutch labs, career profiles and a video series with information about applying to internships, and graduate school.


"Between Two Flasks" Trainee Video Series
Science Education Outreach Resources
Quarterly Newsletter

"Between Two Flasks" Trainee Video Series

The "Between Two Flasks" video series is an effort by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Office of Education and Training, UW Neuroscience and Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD programs to create a comprehensive, educational series for students navigating biomedical research training and careers, including internships and graduate programs. Inspired by the "Between Two Ferns" talk show, this video series leverages the expert advice and humor of faculty, staff, and trainees to answer the most-commonly asked questions from high school students, undergraduates, and potential graduate students about navigating biomedical research education and cover topics commonly experienced by early-stage trainees. Please continue to visit this space for new topics and videos as we build out this project.

Searching for Internships

Fred Hutch staff discuss what to look for when searching for an internship and share online resources that our trainees find helpful when beginning to search for an internship. Then, you will hear directly from a Fred Hutch internship alumna about her experience applying to internships and tips on what aspects of a program are important to consider before applying.

Anatomy of a Successful Internship

Fred Hutch staff introduce two mentor-mentee dyads who discuss their internship experiences. These mentors and their mentees share tips on how to make a good first impression, common intern mistakes to avoid, and what they consider a successful internship to be.

Maintaining Relationships After Your Internship

Fred Hutch staff introduce two mentor-mentee dyads who share advice and best practices for continuing a relationship with your mentor or mentee after the internship has ended. You will hear directly from experienced mentors and mentees about why it is important to maintain a relationship with your mentor/mentee, the most effective ways to contact a mentor, and other tips for continuing your relationship long after the internship has ended.

Timeline for Applying to Biomedical Research Graduate Programs

Graduate students and staff at the University of Washington and Fred Hutch go over the timeline to apply for most biomedical Ph.D. research programs. You will learn about the different requirements, deadlines, and guidelines for preparing a successful application.

Experience Needed to Apply to a Biomedical Research PhD Program

Graduate Program Advisors at the University of Washington discuss the experience needed to apply to a biomedical research PhD program. You will hear about what academic and life experiences are needed or recommended, including GPA, GRE, lab work, letters of recommendations, and community participation.

Finding the Right Graduate Degree

Graduate students and staff at the University of Washington and Fred Hutch highlight various biomedical graduate degrees. You will learn about the details, career opportunities, and experience required for the following degrees: Master in Public Health (MPH), Biomedical Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biomedical Master of Science (MS), and Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD-PhD).

Science Education Outreach Resources

The Science Education Outreach Resources are intended for high school students, teachers, and undergrads. Resources in this section include curriculum for high school students and teachers, virtual lab tours and scientific talks, as well as reading materials. 

Science Education Partnership Curriculum

The Science Education Partnership (SEP) curriculum introduces teachers and students to scientific research. The instructional materials are free and geared towards high school biotech and biology teachers. 

Hutch@Home Virtual Field Trips and Events

Virtual Field Trips and Scientific Talks give students and community members the opportunity to explore labs and research at Fred Hutch. Visit this page to learn about upcoming events for teachers and students.

Cancer Research & Patient Care Career Profiles

The career profiles feature people working across many disciplines of science, social sciences, medicine, and healthcare. Visit this page to learn about a variety of career and educational pathways, diverse backgrounds, and various career stages. 

The Fred Hutch Office of Education & Training (OET) houses programs for a multitude of educational levels, including secondary school teachers, high school, undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. Our quarterly newsletter brings you highlights, resources, and updates from these educational initiatives at Fred Hutch.

Winter 2022

Featured Topics:
  • New Curriculum: Race, Racism & Genetics
  • Student Spotlight: Amanda Bradley
  • University of Washington-Fred Hutch Molecular & Cellular Biology PhD Program’s Virtual Recruitment
  • Coming Soon: Between Two Flasks YouTube Series
  • SciEd Programs Score New Funding
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Events & Programs
Winter 2022 Newsletter

Autumn 2021

Featured Topics:
  • Science Education Partnership Celebrates 30 Years!
  • UW Biomedical Research Graduate Student & Postdoc Affinity Groups Begin this Fall
  • Student Spotlight: Elsa Bean
  • Jessica Gianopulos receives the Dr. Paul Neiman Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Events & Programs 
Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021

Featured Topics:
  • Fred Hutch welcomes 184 trainees and teachers this summer!
  • Coding for Cancer
  • Student Spotlight: Barbara Biney
  • Faculty Leadership Incubator Series
  • Honoring 2021 SciEd Mentoring & Outreach Awardees
Summer 2021 Newsletter

Spring 2021

Featured Topics:
  • SciEd Mentoring Outreach Award
  • Fred Hutch Partners with NIH on Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series for Trainees
  • Association for Women in Science (AWIS): ward Winning Professional Development Education
  • Student Spotlight: Maggie Russell
  • Hutch@Home: Reaching Teachers and Students Virtually
Spring 2021 Newsletter
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