Mingchao Shen, Ph.D.

Dr. Mingchao Shen Ph.D
Staff Scientist

Mingchao Shen, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Associate Director Project Management, HVTN Laboratory Center
HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Mail Stop: E5-110


University of Washington, 2001, Ph.D. (Bioengineering)

Susquehanna University, 1996, B.S. (Biochemistry and Mathematics)

Research Interests

Preclinical animal models for vaccines and adjuvants testing

Vaccine product development and clinical trial design

Vaccine adjuvants, formulations and innate immune responses

Immunological evaluation of vaccines

Project management for collaborative research projects

Current Projects

HVTN Laboratory Center project management and grant support

HVTN-NIH-China CDC collaboration

CAVD Comprehensive T-cell Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CTVIMC)

CAVD protein/adjuvant development and testing