Nathifa A. Moyo, PhD

Dr. Nathifa Moyo PhD
Staff Scientist

Nathifa A. Moyo, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist
Immunology and Vaccine Development, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Senior Staff Scientist
HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) and Coronavirus Prevention Network (CoVPN) Leadership Center, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: E5-110

Research focus includes direct care for individuals living with HIV infection, tropical and parasitic infections, and infections caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria. Provide scientific and clinical oversight and project management for the development and execution of HIV vaccine and monoclonal antibody trials.


University of Oxford, The Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, 2016 -2021, Senior Postdoctoral Immunologist in HIV Vaccine Development

University of Liverpool, 2013-2016, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Infection Biology

University of Surrey, 2013, PhD (Immunology & Virology)

University of Surrey, 2008, MS (Medical Microbiology)

University of the West Indies, 2003, BS (Biology and Biochemistry, Double Major)

Research Interests

Characterizing antigen specific immune responses to vaccines and infection

HIV-1 vaccine development

Understanding human immune mechanisms that control and prevent HIV infection

Human T cell biology

Current Projects

HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) Laboratory