Maria P. Lemos, PhD, MPH

Dr. Maria P. Lemos PhD, MPH
Staff Scientist

Maria P. Lemos, PhD, MPH

Staff Scientist
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: E4-420J

Research focus includes studying the barrier and immune mechanisms that contribute to protection after circumcision, vaccine or passive immunizations at mucosal sites of encounter with HIV.


2008-2016 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, WA, USA) Research Associate in Clinical Research

2005-2008 Rockefeller University/Weill Cornel Medical College (New York, NY, USA) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tuberculosis

2004-2008 Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA) Masters in Public Health

1999-2004 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Philadelphia, PA, USA) PhD in Immunology

Research Interests

Studying immune responses at mucosal surfaces, where the human body encounters most pathogens, focusing on the intestinal, vaginal and foreskin mucosa; studying the factors that can contribute to HIV transmission and protection from virus infection.

Studies include characterization of cell targets of HIV infection and their location in mucosal surfaces; as well as some of the modifications to epithelial surfaces that can contribute to infection/protection with HIV. Recent studies aim to improve identification of men and women at risk of HIV, as well as the role of broadly neutralizing antibodies in mediating protection against HIV infection.

Also participation in studies aiming to understand the mucosal effects of vaccination or adoptive transfer of antibodies; and studies in the US, Peru and South Africa aiming to develop prevention approaches applicable throughout the world in different populations at risk of HIV infection. Developing methods for improving clinical collections of these samples and the operational management of mucosal samples for their optimized use in the laboratory.

Awards and Honors

2014 - Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery and Gates Foundation Science Exchange Award, Johannesburg, South Africa

2014 - R4P Research for Prevention Scholarship for Young New Investigators, Cape Town, South Africa

2012-2014 - Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) New Investigator Award “B cell responses at the Foreskin”

2010-2012 - Center for AIDS Research Pilot International Grant, “Implementation of polarized HIV infections with foreskin tissue explants”

2006-2008 - Stony Wold-Herbert Fund Fellowship, Stony Wold-Herbert Fund Inc.

2006-2007 - Postdoctoral Heiser Fellowship in Tuberculosis, New York Community Trust

2004 - Ruth Rice Puffer Award, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

2004 - University of Pennsylvania, Saul Winegard M.D., Outstanding Dissertation Award