Brett Hanscom, PhD

Dr. Brett Hanscom PhD

Brett Hanscom, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: M2-C200

Design and analytic methods for HIV prevention trials and measurement-error modeling and bias correction.


University of Washington, 2014, PhD (Biostatistics)

University of Utah, 1995, MS (Statistics and Econometrics)

Middlebury College, 1992, BA (Mathematics)

Research Interests

Design and analytic methods for HIV prevention trials

Measurement-error modeling and bias correction

Current Projects

Evaluating the feasibility of an enhanced test, link to care plus treat approach for HIV prevention in the United States (HPTN065 TLC-Plus)

Integrated treatment and prevention for people who inject drugs: A vanguard study for a network-based randomized HIV prevention trial comparing an integrated intervention including supported antiretroviral therapy to the standard of care (HPTN074)