Lamar Fleming, BS

Dr. Lamar Fleming BS
Staff Scientist

Lamar Fleming, BS

Staff Scientist
McElrath Lab, Immunoglogy and Vaccine Development Program

Staff Scientist
HVTN Laboratory Center, HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Fax: 206.667.7767
Mail Stop: E5-110

Research focused on the development of new omics technologies in the lab including both bulk and single cell immune profiling looking at immune responses to HIV, SARS-CoV-2, and TB. It includes antigen-specific B cell receptor (BCR) sequencing studies looking at antigen specific B cells, paired T cell receptor sequencing and transcriptional profiling studies looking at the innate and adaptive immune responses to infection and vaccines.


University of Washington, 1995, BS (Microbiology)

Research Interests

Immune profiling of antigen specific B cell responses to vaccines and infection, including B cell receptor sequencing (Bulk and paired, single cell), monoclonal antibody production and functional characterization

Transcriptional profiling of innate and adaptive immune responses to infection and vaccines

Immune profiling of antigen reactive T cells including T cell receptor sequencing (bulk and paired single cell)