Martine Aubert, Ph.D.

Dr. Martine  Aubert Ph.D.

Martine Aubert, Ph.D.

Principal Staff Scientist, Jerome Lab
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: E5-110


University H. Poincaré-Nancy 1, 1996, Ph.D. (Bacterial Genetics)

University H. Poincaré-Nancy 1, 1991, M.S. (Biochemistry)

University H. Poincaré-Nancy 1, 1989, Diploma (General Biology)

Research Interests

Targeting latent viral genomes for mutagenesis and disruption of viral pathogenesis and infection using engineered homing endonucleases

Kinetics of viral spread

Current Projects

Development of a therapeutic approach to cure herpes simplex virus latent infection and pathogenesis using engineered homing endonucleases

Targeting and disruption of an integrated reporter lentivirus using the engineered homing endonuclease Y2 I-AniI

Calculating measures of HSV spread and identifying mechanisms of spread

Inhibition of TcR signaling by HSV VP11/12