About Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Division collaborates extensively with our colleagues throughout Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center as well as with our partner patient-care organizations — University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Children’s. Additionally, we lead several nationwide multi-center studies aiming to improve cancer treatment and care. More than 75 percent of our faculty treat patients as well as conducting laboratory research and clinical trials.

To accelerate our research, division scientists can access critical shared institutional resources, including specimen storage, state-of-the-art imaging and structural analysis technology, pathology services, cell and reagent production, and clinical trials coordination and support.

Under the visionary leadership of internationally renowned breast oncology expert and leader in clinical and laboratory-based oncology research, Dr. Sara Hurvitz, we will work to boost the national reputation of the solid tumor clinical research program as well as oversee the continued growth of clinical research programs in stem cell transplantation and cell therapy, hematologic cancers and nonmalignant hematology.

Our Leadership

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Dr. Sara Hurvitz

Director, Sara Hurvitz, M.D.

Dr. Sara Hurvitz is the Senior Vice President of the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutch and Head of the newly united Division of Hematology and Oncology at the University of Washington Department of Medicine.

Hurvitz previously directed the Breast Oncology Program at UCLA and co-directed the Santa Monica-UCLA Outpatient Oncology Practice. She also served as the medical director of the Clinical Research Unit for UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Utilizing her extensive experience in translational research — especially clinical trials — Hurvitz will concentrate on boosting the clinical cancer research pipeline, including funding, launch and enrollment for clinical trials.

Hurvitz' goal is to build on the current collaborations, accelerate research and improve care for our patients.

Dr. Stephanie Lee

Associate Director, Stephanie Lee, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Stephanie Lee joined the Hutch in 2006 after completing a hematology/oncology fellowship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In 2018, she earned an appointment as the Giuliani/Press Endowed Chair in Cancer Research.

Lee serves as Principal Investigator of the Chronic GVHD Consortium, an NIH-funded group that seeks to understand and cure chronic graft-versus-host disease, a serious complication of transplantation. In addition to her laboratory work, Lee treats patients with leukemia and other blood disorders at the Fred Hutch clinic.

A Legacy of Training

Training the Clinicians Around the Globe on Lifesaving Treatments

Our division was established on the pioneering discovery of bone marrow transplantation as a cure for leukemia. We have honored the legacy of that initial discovery by training physicians in Seattle and around the globe to perform this lifesaving procedure. To date, doctors worldwide have performed more than 1 million blood stem cell transplants, curing a variety of blood cancers as well as serious genetic disorders. As our clinicians and researchers pursue ever more targeted treatments to cure cancer and other deadly illnesses, we remain committed to sharing this vital expertise.

Training the Next Generation of Researchers and Clinicians

Our commitment to sharing discoveries begins with the clinician-researchers at Fred Hutch and our partner in patient care, Seattle Children’s. Our senior faculty are dedicated to mentoring gifted medical students, PhD candidates, and post-doctoral fellows in the most advanced techniques and approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment. We also support 10 qualified young scientists per year to train at Fred Hutch in multidisciplinary methods that will enable them to excel in the increasingly complex field of cancer research.

Providing Access to the Finest Research and Patient Care Institutions

The pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship program at the University of Washington is a three-year training program that prepares physicians to become leaders in the field of pediatric hematology oncology. The fellowship is fully-funded by a National Institutes of Health T32 training grant. The alliance of Seattle Children’sUniversity of Washington Medical Center and Fred Hutch together means fellows have access to some of the finest research and patient care institutions in the world.

Past Leadership

Photo of E. Donnall Thomas

E. Donnall Thomas, MD, 1974-1989

Photo of John Hansen

John Hansen, MD, 1989-1993

Photo of Fred Appelbaum

Fred Appelbaum, MD, 1993-2013

Photo of Dr. Oliver Press

Oliver Press, MD, PhD, 2013-2016

Photo of Dr. Nancy Davidson

Nancy Davidson, MD, 2016-2023

Harnessing Knowledge and Technology

Our research extends to eliminating barriers to successful therapies such as acute complications during the transplant process or long-term effects after treatment.

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Sara Hurvitz, MD

Division Director & Senior Vice President

Emily Ford

Faculty Affairs Coordinator

Donna Lipsky

Associate Vice President

Doug Lowe

Fiscal Administrator

Karla Smith

Executive Assistant to Division Director & Senior Vice President