Clinical Decision Support Tools to Increase Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination in Adolescents in Pharmacies

Complete Title: Clinical Decision Support Tools to Increase HPV Vaccination in Pharmacies
Trial Phase: N/A
Investigator: Parth Shah

This clinical trial develops and tests how well a clinical decision support (CDS) tool works to increase human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination of children between the age of 9-17 (adolescents) in pharmacies. HPV vaccination rate in eligible adolescents remains low even though over 90% of the cancers in adults caused by HPV can be prevented by the HPV vaccine. The National Vaccine Advisory Committee recommends HPV vaccinations to be given in pharmacies to increase access to vaccines, but pharmacy processes and lack of awareness of the service among parents impact the use of local pharmacies for HPV vaccinations. Using a focus group may be an effective method to develop a CDS tool and create a process that may be more convenient for parents to get their adolescent`s vaccine at their local pharmacy. A CDS tool may make it easier to obtain HPV vaccines, and as a result increase the adolescent HPV vaccination rate and reduce the incidence of cancer caused by HPV.

  • Neoplasms, Human Papillomavirus-Related Malignant
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Parth Shah
Clinical Decision Support Tools to Increase HPV Vaccination in Pharmacies
Neoplasms, Human Papillomavirus-Related Malignant