Warren T. Phipps, MD, MPH

Warren T. Phipps, MD, MPH

Warren T. Phipps, MD, MPH

  • Physician, Fred Hutch
  • Medical Director, UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration, UCI/Hutchinson Center Cancer Alliance
  • Deputy Director, Global Oncology Program, Fred Hutch
  • Associate Professor, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch
  • Associate Professor, Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, University of Washington School of Medicine

Infectious Disease

“I don’t treat sets of numbers or conditions — I treat people. I want every patient to understand what’s happening and to feel that they’re part of the decision-making process. ”

— Dr. Phipps

Why do you specialize in infectious disease management?

During medical training, I long debated about whether to go into oncology or infectious disease. Both presented the chance to improve global health, to develop meaningful long-term relationships with patients and to see families through a really challenging time. I am grateful to have carved out a niche where I can have an impact on both specialties. There are many tools currently available to help patients with cancer prevent and overcome infection, but there are also huge opportunities to improve treatment. We as a field are still writing that story, and it’s wonderful to be a part of that progress.

How do you approach patient care?

When it comes to dealing with infections in cancer care, there is often a lot of uncertainty. For example, there may be little data available on how best to treat a particular infection, or it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing a symptom like a fever. But even in the face of uncertainty, I don’t give up. I’m committed to walking through this experience with you every step of the way and adapting our approach to care as the situation evolves. I also understand that it can be difficult to process what’s happening in the moment when health complications occur. Sometimes questions pop up after our visit is over, so I encourage patients and families to reach out anytime to discuss a concern. I don’t treat sets of numbers or conditions — I treat people. I want every patient to understand what’s happening and to feel that they’re part of the decision-making process.

Provider Background

Specialty: Infectious Disease

Infections in patients with cancer, HIV-associated malignancies

I am an infectious-disease specialist who focuses on treating people with cancer or other conditions that weaken the immune system. At Fred Hutch, I work with the bone marrow transplant team, helping to prevent, diagnose and manage infections for patients undergoing this form of treatment.

In addition to providing care, I serve as the medical director of the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI)/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Kampala, Uganda. The UCI-Fred Hutch collaboration aims to improve the prevention and treatment of cancers caused by infectious disease. My research is centered on HIV-associated malignancies such as Kaposi sarcoma, which is a leading cause of cancer death in Uganda. Another area of interest is better understanding the role of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria — germs that evade antibiotic medication — as a cause of infection in patients with cancer.



Education, Experience and Certifications

Undergraduate Degree
Yale University

Medical Degree
Harvard Medical School

University of California, San Francisco, Internal Medicine

University of Washington, Infectious Diseases

Board Certification
Infectious Disease, 2009, American Board of Internal Medicine

MPH, University of Washington School of Public Health; Internship, Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco


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