Jason Cooper, MD, PhD

Jason Cooper, MD, PhD
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Jason Cooper, MD, PhD

  • Physician, Fred Hutch
  • Affiliate Investigator, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutch

Medical Oncology

“Because I started my medical career later in life, I have a unique insight into how you feel when you come to see me.”

— Dr. Cooper

What is your approach to patient care?

I was an oil and gas engineer for 10 years before pursuing a medical career, so I understand what it's like to sit on the exam table, talking to the physician and being a little bit frightened. I will try to anticipate your concerns and make the fuzzy things in medicine very clear, including how we’ll approach your treatment and what to expect. I want to make sure you feel comforted by fully educating you on the medical side of your diagnosis and by sharing the emotional moments with you.

Do you have words of advice, comfort or guidance that you offer patients?

I decided to pursue a medical career so I would have the chance to help people. I am passionate about building a connection with you, and the main word of advice that I’ll offer you is to never worry alone. I will say this to you and to your family, because your caregivers often have more concerns than you do. I usually provide my patients and their families with my own private contact information, and I will tell you to reach out to the clinic, your nurse or me personally if you are concerned — no matter the hour. You should never feel uneasy or afraid to reach out for help.

Provider Background

Specialty: Medical Oncology

Benign and malignant hematology

When I became a physician, I wanted to use my engineering background while helping people. I was drawn to hematology because I feel that the blood flowing through our bodies is like oil flowing through the pipes and pumps that I used to work on; there was a bit of a similarity that I liked. Some of the treatments that we use for hematologic malignancies involve a lot of cellular engineering, which combines my interests in engineering and medicine. I focus on the treatment of patients with hematologic malignancies who are receiving transplant and non-transplant therapies, and I also have an interest in benign hematology.

In addition to seeing patients, I am an affiliate investigator in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, where my research interests are myeloid disorders and bone marrow transplant.

Diseases Treated




Education, Experience and Certifications

Undergraduate Degree
Georgia Institute of Technology

Medical Degree
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Massachusetts General Hospital

University of Washington & Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center


Seattle Met's 2023 Top Doctors award
Dr. Cooper has received this peer-nominated award for exceptional patient care.

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