Seeking a breakthrough in DLBCL combination therapies

Ryan Lynch, MD
Ryan Lynch, MD

Combining chemotherapy with targeted medicines can cure diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), but cure rates have been stagnant for more than 10 years. That’s why Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is leading research and clinical trials that aim to bring cures to a larger percentage of patients with DLBCL.   

Ryan Lynch, MD, who is an attending physician specializing in lymphoma at SCCA, joined the Oncology Sound Byte podcast to talk about SCCA’s latest progress.  

“We have a number of clinical trials active now and opening soon, including some that are homegrown at SCCA,” Dr. Lynch says.  

One of these studies is specific to aggressive DLBCL and involves combining chemotherapy with polatuzumab vedotin. This novel drug that attaches to proteins on the surface of lymphoma cells and uses that touchpoint to release toxins into the cell.  

“We’re very hopeful that one of our trials will bring faster cures to more people,” says Dr. Lynch. 

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